Kiki & Coco

I can’t stop watching this video. I don’t even really know why…there’s just something so organic and wonderful about it. Click on the link below to watch it…hope it brightens your Sunday:


5 thoughts on “Kiki & Coco”

  1. This video was wonderful! I don't know how you find all that you do on the internet, but thank you for sharing. This took me back to Paris, I went in 1981 as a young girl, but I did not have a doll like that! Now I wish I had! Oh to be so carefree. The music in the video played a huge role in making me feel free, welcomed if you will, to stay within the crisp clean white linen covered bed, but gave me energy to believe I did not want to miss out on a walk in the rain. I wanted to be at the cafe', talk with my best friend (a fabric doll) for hours over a french pastry, feed birds, throw multiple coins in a fountain, or whatever my heart desired. I am inspired now to make a doll for my grandaughter. No batteries, no on/off buttons, no cords to plug in, no graphic screens on a little screen, just pure and simple imagination at work. Que sera sera!

  2. You and your husband ,are without a doubt, two of the most creative people in the whole world. Enjoyed this very much.

  3. Awwwww I love this, Jen! I'm 22, and I would still love a doll like this!! *ahem* I just might try and make one!

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