Mo Money, Mo Problems?

We claim to be simplistic people. We appreciate the small things, we love our tiny apartment, we drive semi-old cars and really still like them. We think it’s because we’re simple at heart, but isn’t it really just because we don’t have any money?

Last night we were walking around some local neighborhoods, and while our apartment building is small, most of the houses aren’t. We’re talking old money plantation style homes. We passed one that legitimately looked like the White House minus the Obamas. They’re incredible. So naturally we start talking about what we would buy if we won the lottery.

DISCLAIMER: We don’t buy lottery tickets and don’t promote doing so.

But for the sake of this post let’s say we won $120 million. It’s all ours. It’s easy to say we’d give it all away and buy clean water for every country in northern Africa and mosquito nets for all the ones in the south, but would we really? Our kids (all 7 of them) could have their college paid for. We could buy homes for our entire family, go anywhere in the world for as long as we like, and pretty much have every luxury at our fingertips. You name it, we get it. If we were presented with the opportunity to never work again in our lives, support our families, start whatever small business we please, and never have to worry about money again, would we really give it all away? Really?

We hope so, we really do. We hope we would support 39 Compassion International kiddies and buy a modest house and plant a garden and live off the earth. We hope we would create sustainable small businesses that would affect people’s lives in a positive way and we hope we would even adopt a few of those 39 kiddies.

However, when we challenged each other to pick 3 things (6 in all) we would buy if we won that $120 million only 1 had anything to do with giving something away.

So at least we know what we have to work on…

Here’s $120 million. What are you really going to do with it?

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5 thoughts on “Mo Money, Mo Problems?”

  1. sounds like we live in an identical neighborhood to yours. we rent a modest little duplex that just happens to be 6 houses down from a house listed for $1.2 million- crazy. so much fun though- we love walking through the streets pondering the intricate details of how these old beasts were built. (@jasonthebuilder is my man)

    how would i spend $120 mil?

    build our dream home in the country on a couple hundred acres.

    get our family in gear- babies and/or adopting….3, 4, 5, maybe 6 kids?

    get our newest business up off the ground and running

    invest in other businesses to create more income vs. just spending

    beyond that, who knows…that’s a heck of a lot of dough

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