Snug as a Bug

I feel a little guilty for letting everyone believe, from this post, that I made a rug in one day. The truth is, I made what looked like a rug in one day. Really I just chopped up fabric, made it into giant ropes, and swirled it into something that sort of resembled a rug. The hard part was yet to come.

People used to make these rugs from leftover rags, shirts, whatever they could find. I used actual fabric from JoAnn’s, and I made mine using this nice instructional video. It’s not perfect, but I love it. The difficult and dangerous part was stitching the braids together. I used an embroidery needle, and there were several times throughout the process that I wished I would have been wearing ten thimbles and sometimes full body armor. But the result was more than worth it:

I ended up using about 9 yards of fabric and 4 sets of embroidery thread. Putting it together took more time than I care to admit, but let’s just say it included at least 6 episodes of This American Life, one documentary, and 2 romantic comedies. And that’s how an accidental housewife measures time.

It looks amazing in our little bathroom, and there’s something really beautiful about being able to feel creativity under your feet. It just doesn’t get any better.

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9 thoughts on “Snug as a Bug”

  1. Jen!!! You are amazing. I will have to attempt it. We almost bought a similar rug for Cori’s room, but making one myself would be soooo much better!!!

    I will have to give it a try.

  2. Looks great! As a fellow creative type, I can tell you that the time spent on creating a one of a kind masterpiece is always worth it. So how many times did you walk by the bathroom, look in and go, "Wow! I made that!" Oh and Kyle – I hope that every time you step into the bathroom for at least the next week you say loudly, "Hon I love this rug!"

    1. Oh I have…like 9 times in the last 24 hours. Honey, I love the shower curtain too, you did a great job picking it out with the Target gift cards we got for our wedding…….

      1. Careful, there! It's a fine line and you may be skating on thin ice with that last compliment. That might be okay in year one, but in year 2 you could end up wearing the shower curtain. šŸ˜‰

  3. I love this rug šŸ™‚ Just a question- how did you get that colour scheme- i.e. did you just use craps of material that you had or chose a colour scheme and went with that? And did you have white going throughout the whole thing? Does that make sense? I want to use up some of my scraps but don’t want it to end up looking like a rainbow that has been vomited onto my floor šŸ˜›

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