Dream Job(s)

If you could have any job, what would it be?

Maybe this is one of those husband/wife hypotheticals that gets tossed around like George Clooney in The Perfect Storm but we seem to discuss it at least three to four times a week, and usually more. It’s such a fun question because it can be hypothetical to the point that it couldn’t possibly ever come true (like Kyle playing swingman with Durant and Westbrook on the Thunder’s 2013 NBA title team) but also not so hypothetical that there’s a one-in-a-million-Jim-Carrey-in-Dumb-and-Dumber chance it could actually happen. See the following…

Kyle: When I was growing up I wanted to play professional baseball. I thought it would be cool to wear wristbands every day and hit home runs and throw runners out at the plate. Then after that dream died a fiery death I wanted to either be the general manager for a pro sports team or the athletic director at Oklahoma State. I suppose both of those are still on the backburner but my interest is waning. For the last four or five years I’ve felt the desire to be a writer, or rather, a storyteller. I think there was a month or two period during that time when I considered day trading stocks but then I realized the only stock I would ever buy is Nike and whoever makes Sperry shoes and that inkling passed. Quickly. Back to my keyboard.

There’s something about the art of telling a story though. I keep coming back to it. I remember when I was growing up and I used to devour books like Swiss Family Robinson, Moby Dick, and Black Beauty. I probably didn’t fully understand their meaning or the symbolism in each but I got lost in the story, and for that I revered the authors of such books. There are so many different forms of the written word in the world today: newspapers, blogs, Twitter, short articles, long articles, exposes, books, novels, magazines, etc. etc. So I don’t know in what capacity I thrive or even what is most enjoyable to me (though a daily blog post is hard to beat in the way of functionality and enjoyment) but maybe I’ll just keep writing until I find out. That’s my answer though: I’d be a writer of words, a teller of stories, a weaver of tales, a creator of entertainment and story so fascinating my readers could scarce tear their eyes away from that which I have written. That’s how it goes in my head anyway…

Jen: Thinking about my dream job gets me giggly. It’s really a culmination of what I already love (old things) mixed with what I’d love to do if I had time and money (travel). No, it’s not a door to door vintage umbrella salesman, though I do love umbrellas. My dream is to travel Europe for a few months at a time, buy old furniture, have it shipped back to the states, and then come back here to recover, refinish, and resell it.

Oh, the places I’d go! Because there would be no budgets (key phrase here is “dream” job- clearly no furniture, amazing as it would be, could sustain my wordly adventures) I would combine work with pleasure, visiting country after country in search of the perfect pieces. And when I came home, I would spend a few weeks plotting my approach, buying fabrics and picking out paint colors that would be perfect for each piece. Over the next few months, I would sand and paint and staple and sew until everything looked like it came straight from an issue of Domino magazine. I would have to sell all my goods to maintain the quality of my marriage, though I’d really just want to keep them all. Oh, and of course Kyle would come with me, for what’s a dream job if you have to do it alone?

Today, I live out my second best dream job: staying home and working on thirty different projects while my husband actually works. All while I apply for jobs, of course.

What is your dream job? Comment below.


7 thoughts on “Dream Job(s)”

  1. My husband and I have discussed dream jobs recently – both our ultime dream jobs and the dream jobs that have been lost or forgotten along the way. My dream is to write. It's what I went to school for. It excites me. And reading the words of others inspires me. I want to be great at writing. I want to elicit emotions people didn't even know they wold feel. I want to be successful at it and feel transformed by it. And I want for it to not be so daunting a task. And then, as a writer, I want to travel and experience the world. I want to know the ins and outs of places so that I can create new worlds from those places and transport my readers into the life of my characters.

  2. My dream job would be to own my own coffee shop/law office in a quaint downtown historic building somewhere in Texas. On the bottom floor, a coffee shop filled with exotic coffees and wall-to-wall books on theology and the law. On the second floor, the law offices of Bryant, Webb, & Cone, specializing in overseas business-as-mission and international agricultural projects. The name of the coffee shop would be Legal Grounds. I only need investors (Kyle) and someone to run the coffee shop and bake scones (Jen).

  3. Mine switches daily between 1) owning a little cafe/bakery that serves regular customers their favorite scones and lattes with my own children playing on the floor nearby, and 2) full-time writer, novelist, and stay-at-home mom. Until my handsome husband can become benefactor for either of these dreams, I am learning to be content in my current desk-drone circumstances 🙂

  4. I would be Kim Kardashians mirror.

    Since that's not humanly possible… then i'd be an actor. An extremely handsome, incredibly gifted actor hell-bent on dominating the industry and punching Tom Cruise in the face.

  5. Currently living the dream…a dream we didn't even know existed a couple of years ago, but God has put us in a place where we are using gifts he's given us and honed in us over the past 25 years in other jobs (good jobs, but not all "dream" jobs by any means). I get to make muffins & scones, & lattes for our customers and even though I love to bake and make drinks, I really love people, so it's even more exciting for Brian and me to have the opportunity to build relationships with those we serve! Besides running the coffee shop during the week, we use the HeBrews seating area for church on Sunday mornings, and very soon Thursday nights, too! We never could have imagined being here and doing this 6 years ago when we weren't Christ followers, but being late bloomers, we prayed more than once for God to use us for His purposes–that we would follow where he led us–and here we are–still listening, and doing our best to stay out of the way and remain obedient to His calling on our lives!

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