On Decisions

If you haven’t noticed (and with our at-times-ridiculous-stream-of-consciousness writing style I don’t know how you couldn’t have) we tend to write about what’s happening at this very moment in our lives. We tend to live like that too. Plan next week’s menu? It can wait. Save money for Christmas presents? Don’t start before December 15. Next year’s vacation? Excuse me?

Granted, it’s not the best way to live your life and financially we’re becoming better planners but it seems in all other matters the urgency of “right now” is the primary catalyst for anything innovative or creative. See: writing this post at 11 PM more often than not…not that we’re saying it’s creative or anything J

So you might be asking, “how in the world do you ever make decisions or get anything done?” Or you might not be, in which case we encourage you to keep moving in your world wide web meanderings. There are digital newspapers to peruse and farms in Farmville to be cultivated. If you are asking though, here you go. Our decision-making usually goes something like this (this was an actual conversation):

Me: “Hey, you want to go to a preseason hockey game between two random teams tonight at the American Airlines Center”?
Her: “I don’t care, I mean I DO have a job now so I might be tired tonight.”
Me: “Hmmm…ok…well…wait, was that an answer?”
Her: “Whatever, we can go to the game if you want. Your call.”
Me: “Uhhh…OK…so you’re not just saying ‘it’s your call’ when really you have an actual opinion and it’s possible that I can make an incorrect decision?”
Her: “Nope…I mean yep. Wait, what does that even mean?”
Me: “Awesome.”

We (as humans) make so many decisions on a daily basis the aggregate weight of their outcomes can be staggering. For example, I’ve been going back and forth about going to this game all day and that’s one of the smallest of the hundreds of decisions I’ve been presented with. My yes’s changes to nos with each lap of the clock’s small hand.

Some of the best advice I’ve ever received (and I’ve received it from multiple people) is this: make a choice and move on. Transfer to Oklahoma State for my Sophomore year after coming within one game of the D-III College World Series my Freshman year? Sure. Turn down an informal offer from the Houston Astros to play many many games of flag football go to graduate school? Not my favorite decision but it worked. Throw a surprise wedding in a barn even though only a handful of people knew we were engaged? Duh.

It’s a waste of time, energy, brain power, and (most importantly) creative process to lament over past decisions. Make one and move on. Make one and move on. Oh…and always consult with your spouse.

About that hockey game…….

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  1. The "always consult with your spouse" part of your blog was the defining statement of your entire blog. The operative word is….ALWAYS.

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