Painting With A Twist

I had so many doubts about moving here. As if God were usually wrong. But Dallas offers herself to me in a new light, yet again. Intro: Painting With a Twist.

One painting. Two hours. 35 dollars. Whatever friends you want to invite. And a unique piece of art to take home at the end of the night. It’s a brilliant business model, but an even better way to stretch your creative abilities and consider yourself an artist. They pick one painting, teach you to paint it step by step, and voila, you’re Van Gogh. Here is my finished product:

The Congress Bridge in Austin, bats and all. It will hang in our home and people will ask where we got it. I will then reply, “Oh I painted it, of course.” And then we’ll giggle to know secretly that it wasn’t nearly as hard as it looks. But it will live forever as something I created, with love, in Dallas.


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One thought on “Painting With A Twist”

  1. It's a beautiful painting and I am proud of you, and not because you are my grandson's wife. Hope you all had a great
    time in S'water and how about them Cowpokes. WOW!!!

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