Signing Off For 10 Days

We’re out of here for nearly a fortnight. Today, we’re headed up to Stillwater for a Thursday night affair with Texas A&M and then tomorrow it’s on to Colorado for some fly fishing, book reading, and general relaxing (Jen’s exhausted from 4 days at her new job).

Don’t worry though, the posts will go on! 365 days is 365 days. Or it’s 525,600 minutes, but you get the point. We interviewed each other, taped another SportsMentor (to go along with #1, #2, and #3), left some links, and there’ll even be a surprise guest post mixed in at some point. Stay tuned. Until then, though, this is what’s exciting us about our first vacation as a married couple (and with the in-laws :)):

Fly-fishing with the father-in-law. If this ends badly a simple RIP on my Facebook wall will suffice.
Reading this, this, this, and this (even though we’ll probably only get 10 pages in on the last one before keeling over for lack of theological insight).
Helping sister-in-law set up her Scentsy booth at a fun festival in La Veta.
Running for fun in the mountains rather than out of necessity for my workout.
Working on some super-secret new content for this blog. Pins and needles baby.

Peace out until next Sunday, enjoy the posts every day…and feel free to talk amongst yourselves via the comments section while we’re gone.

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