SportsMentor #2

SportsMentor2 from Marriage Project on Vimeo.

It’s a lengthy little flick but you won’t regret watching it. If you only have a few minutes fast-forward to the 4:22 mark where you get Jen’s first NFL/gambling moment ever. If you only have a few seconds fast-forward to the 7:47 mark where Jen just dresses down the entire world of sports because of one guy’s name.

Oh, and if you missed the first one, it was a classic.

*Correction – The Cowboys play the Bears this weekend, not the Bengals as I stated in the video. My bad.


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5 thoughts on “SportsMentor #2”

  1. Sports mentor is my fav! Chad might not be able to watch it again with all of the Cowboys talk, but I think I can edit it. lol.

  2. why do I feel like you were making no progress on that blanket during the video… thats all i could pay attention to and it just proved to me that I am NOT patient enough for that little hobby!

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