Stillwater…and such

It’s Labor Day. I’ve always found it ironic that we don’t work on Labor Day, no?

In case you missed it last week here’s my college football preview and (not to be outdone) Jen’s. Hers is high comedy, possibly the highest form of comedy I could possibly glean from a blog.

By the way blog isn’t in predicted text for Word in case anyone was wondering. This is 2010 and not 1020, correct?

We’re driving home today after an awesome 4 days with some of our oldest friends and both of our families. We miss Stillwater, Jen is starting to obsess over Dallas and I suppose I’ve lived worse places than one where I’m 20 minutes from watching every Josh Hamilton at-bat my eyes can handle. But we do love Stillwater.

There’s just something so magical about it, as if it continues to progress economically but the spirit of its people is frozen in time. It’s a slow place so not much changes, which is ironic in a town where the populated turnover is at least 50%.

Maybe we’ll retire there someday. I just started my career like 19 months ago and I’m already speaking of retirement, this cannot be good. Or maybe it will just be what it has been to us. Not the place we grew up but, at the same time, the place we grew up.

I could get into a lengthier-than-you-care-to-read post about the ways in which Stillwater and the people I’ve met there have affected me but I’ll spare you. It’s non-working Labor Day, remember? But I will say this, some special moments in my life went down there, things I’ll never forget. It’s one of those places that gets inside you and every time you sit down to really think about the memories you made  something wells up within your being that you can’t explain with words or thoughts. It’s just this overwhelming sense of goodness. Maybe I’m the only one experiences it but I hope not because it makes me feel like I was alive when I was in that place.

What town or city or place or thing makes you feel nostalgic like that?

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4 thoughts on “Stillwater…and such”

  1. I completely agree with you about Stillwater. I was born and raised here, went to OSU, got married to my high school sweetheart while in college, have moved away and come back both times–each time for two years or less– and have raised 3 children here! This town has changed a lot in 47 years (It’s hard to imagine the changes my parents have seen while living here since THEY were in high school!) but it gets inside you somehow and you can’t help but love it– even when you’re irritated at all of the traffic when the students return!

  2. Oddly enough, I feel the same way about Lubbock. Although I haven't yet left this town, I still feel as though I've done a lot of "growing up" here. I guess I could blame it on the sunsets or the cool nights, but the "blame" properly rests on the people I have met and with whom I have lived life.

    The prospect of me "retiring" here is small, but I suspect Lubbock will always hold a special place in my memory–a nostalgic place, but not due to the distinct smell of cattle when the rain blows in from the south.

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