Things On My Desk This Week

Thanks to a few antique store visits this weekend and some new purchases, here are the projects on my desk this week.

1. I found these vintage 1980’s patterns at a thrift store in Stillwater. I paid a total of ten cents for the two of them.

In my mind, they translated into the dress I’ve had in my DIY sewing folder for several months. I’m thinking that between the two patterns, I can tweak them to look something like this dress below. I mean, the pattern says, “Ou! C’est Facile!” How hard can it be, right?

2. We have a bar stool we use at our extra tall computer desk that’s begging to be redone. I’ve been thinking of painting it for a long time with a detachable cushion, but found inspiration in a few places this weekend. One was this:

They used bottle caps, but I’m thinking buttons with a built in quilt top cushion.

3. Also on my desk are about 174 embroidery needles that I bought when I couldn’t find the ones I already had, 4 shirts waiting to be upcycled into something I like, and one spool of sequin-y ribbon that I wish was a cocktail dress. Today I think it will be a belt to go with my pajamas. Because what are pajamas without sequin belts?

Photo Attribution: Bar Stool | Desk


3 thoughts on “Things On My Desk This Week”

  1. Those patterns?? You have disregarded your richest resource of old patterns….Yes, we are talking your mother's basement…..

  2. when i need to smile, i read your posts (no offense, kyle). i love how you're unashamedly YOU!! You certainly inspire me to move outside of my current box. 🙂

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