This week Saturday = Sunday

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An unbelievable blog I discovered earlier this week. I have about a 4-5 blog rotation that I absolutely don’t miss reading on a daily basis (everything else is negotiable)…we might be adding to that list.

Molly Piper (John Piper’s daughter-in-law) wrote a brilliant mini-essay on her son’s first venture into the world of education.

Lastly, a short, well-written New York Times article on a book that’s rocking my universe right now.

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4 thoughts on “This week Saturday = Sunday”

      1. I second that on The Art of Manliness. That blog is the real deal. However, take it with a grain of salt; it's written by a Mormon lawyer.
        Also, you're reading Radical? David Platt is probably the scariest pastor to listen to, in my opinion.

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