Why Girls Look Forward to Football Season

We’ll be doing a little 2-part college football “preview” today and tomorrow on the blog. I say “preview” because it’s basically nothing more than a snapshot into both of our (sometimes disturbing, usually entertaining) perspectives of sports. Without further adieu, 5 reasons I (as a girl) am looking forward to college football:

1. Looking Cute – As a twenty-six-year-old married woman, I’m a little bit past this stage, though some would debate if I ever actually took part. But I’ve seen other girls do it, so here goes. Football season means dressing up in your school colors with as many cute accessories as your earlobes, neck, and wrists can handle. For those from the south it means cute dresses with cowboy boots, big curly hair, and anything you can find in direct contrast to the game of football itself. It means sitting with your girlfriends and talking about anything but sports, or sitting by the cute boy you have a crush on and pretending (or not having to pretend) that you need him to teach you everything he knows.

2. Cookouts – Otherwise known as “tailgates,” this tradition finds many a girl cooking up her favorite meal for the boys or, again, talking with her girlfriends about anything but sports. It marks the beginning of a new season (I’m talking autumn, not football) and enjoying the out of doors and the clean, crisp air. It means new possibilities (no, not for the Heisman- don’t kid yourself) and a time where friends and family trump everything else. The holidays are approaching, and with them, another new year full of opportunity and blessings. Fall is great indeed.

3. Perfect Weather – There’s the old saying about the “fair weather fan,” but I, my friends, am truly a fair weather fan. My body can only enjoy football when the temperature finds itself between the degrees of 65 and 75. Anything beyond that on either end of the spectrum and I’d rather watch indoors. Or sometimes I’d be okay with not watching at all. This leaves me with about two games per season that I can enjoy without complaining. Which means two games that Kyle can enjoy. Period.

4. Boys Being Boys – Yes, we roll our eyes when you try and throw the football further than your friends and get it stuck on top of a campus building, but we secretly find it kind of cute. We make you behave in public every other day of the year, and this is the one time we can let you be yourselves. It’s actually pretty fun to watch you run around like children and rattle off sports stats, even though we tune them out. So enjoy it. Because as soon as we get in the car, the fun is over.

5. Football Players – Yes, we notice them. Usually only the quarterbacks because they’re on T.V. the most and they get the ball every play. And because they’re the cutest. We may pretend we don’t care about football, but sometimes the quarterback is the only thing that gets us through the game.

My picks: (I just looked at Kyle and said, “What am I picking?)

Title Game: Alabama and LSU. I have no reasoning for this. But LSU will win.

Heisman: Brandon Weeden. Because he’s literally the only football player I know this season. And I probably would have misspelled his name if I hadn’t looked it up. See #2. I’m my own worst nightmare.


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10 thoughts on “Why Girls Look Forward to Football Season”

  1. hahaha great read Jen. If you ever start to feel bad about only watching the QB and are frightened that Kyle may have you figured out, then just start a convo about best jawlines and/or facemask visors and all will be well.

  2. Okay so I will admit that I read this blog almost every day! However, this is one of the best posts Jen! I love it! SO TRUE!! Hope all is well with you guys and maybe I will see you at an OSU game! Miss ya 🙂

  3. Jen-I agree with every single point!! LOVE IT! I'm already thinking about what to wear Saturday and I've spied some new orange earrings that are calling my name!!! =)

  4. I just read your blog Jen. It made me laugh!! I remember the dressing up for games fondly (still do)! Love it- glad to see you are doing well! Go pokes!

  5. Love this! Like Brittany S., I read your blog everyday. And. I am definitely a fair weather fan. I did not grow up with football (Chattanooga was class B and, therefore, basketball was king), and I will probably never fully understand it. But, that's ok. Cody enjoys it, so I do too. 😉

  6. Jen, I love the fact you picked two SEC teams to play for the national championship…if only this were a perfect world (well if it were it would be Auburn, not Alabama you picked)…I'm sure Kyle can explain to you how unlikely this event is to occur.

    Either way, the blogs are entertaining and enlightening as usual.


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