10 w/ Jen

1. Who would play you in a movie about your life?

I might pick Katie Holmes only because people say we sort of look alike, but I’d probably pick someone like Kate Hudson. I know she’s so mainstream, but she’s always pulled off the perfect balance of hollywood and drugged out hippie. Not that I’m a drugged out hippie, but I really respect her for it. Not many celebs can pull that off.

2. If you could be in charge of one company, what would it be?

The more I work, the more I realize I really just want to be in charge of my own company. Maybe that makes me selfish. Maybe it makes me altruistic. Who can really say?

3. Who’s your fvorite Tweeter?

It would be you except that I have to give you a 40% point deduction for all the sports references I don’t understand. So probably the intermittent Pioneer Woman tweets. I don’t have time to read all of them, but she’s totes hilar.

4. What’s one thing minimalism has taught you?

So this whole minimalism thing isn’t really new to me. Just the term. I guess the process has evolved over the last few years in my heart and I think God has brought me around to minimalism more than it has brought me around to getting rid of things. I’ve struggled so much in realizing how little I actually need and also in how much clearer my head and heart are when I have fewer “things” to deal with. So that’s why I don’t really buy much stuff. Still progressing.

5. If we were buying new clothes what would you buy right now?

Oh dear. I’ve really tried to keep myself away from new clothing, just to avoid temptation. I don’t go to the mall (not that I really did before) and I stay on the left side of our Target and avert my eyes from the clothing sections. However, I did get a JCrew magazine in the mail this week and I opened it!! eeek. I cut out a few things to stare at because they were pretty. And I’m going to try to make them myself.

6. Who’s the best-looking athlete in the world?

Well Tom Brady’s hair is weird now, so not him. Maybe Adam Scott. All that Burberry…

7. What’s the soundtrack to your life at this moment?

I’m struggling through music at this point- I can’t really find anything I’m in love with. But I might say a random selection of Ryan Bingham songs has been at the top lately.

8. Why are you so good at picking NFL winners?

I don’t know. Honestly I don’t understand how everyone else ISN’T good at picking them. It seems so easy.

9. One word to describe October?

Well in Dallas, it’s hot. Other places, it’s euphoria.

10. What do you want for Christmas?

Maybe a new necklace or two from etsy? So I can stop trading out the only two I own.


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  1. jen – i have necklaces i would give you if you like to rework them to make them fabulous – much like cute dresses! lemme know 🙂

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