7 Ways I Look Up To Jen

Make no mistake, the list is far lengthier than this, but here are seven things Jen is better at than me…

1. Keeping up with old friends – It’s not unusual for me to come home and find her sprawled out on the couch twirling a ball of yarn in her hands and chatting it up with somebody from high school. I have trouble keeping up with my family. Big win for her.

2. Staying attractive while eating everything she looks at – It’s incredible really. I run a 5k every day, go to the gym, and drink tons of water. She just winks at me while face deep in a Braum’s double dip. And she never runs. I don’t understand it.

3. Writing – It’s true. I started the blog, she brings it home.

4. Creativity – I thought my week-long scavenger hunt proposal was awesome. She blows it out of the water every day.

5. Music – Of course this is like saying Beyonce is better at dancing than “The Situation” but still, Beyonce is really really good at dancing. And yes, in that metaphor I am “The Situation”

6. Thinking things through – It’s not ideal that the emotionally grounded one of us two called me the other day yelping ,“I think my truck has been stolen!!!” before remembering she left it at work. But I’m afraid it’s probably true.

7. Style – She makes her own clothes, jewelry, and accessories. If at all possible I have no doubt I would wear my OSU basketball shorts and this hideous tank-top I got at Goodwill every day of the week. That’s a loss for me and really for her too because I even own the tank-top.

What is your spouse better at than you?

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I'm an aspiring freelance writer and blogger (which doesn't make a ton of sense when you think about it). I started a blog called Our Marriage Project and one about OSU called Pistols Firing. I love both of them, and I love my wife. And I love Kevin Durant, Explosions in the Sky, Tim Riggins, Blue Moon ale, Twitter, and the state of Georgia.

9 thoughts on “7 Ways I Look Up To Jen”

  1. Writing websites lol. He just has this knack – I can come up with pretty ideas but somehow he just takes it to a whole other level when it works properly lol. He's good at graphic design as well – personally I think he should have studied that but instead he ended up as a youth worker which is just as good – the YPs love him to bits

  2. She's better at organizing and keeping things in order…and it's not even close. She's better at meeting people and building relationships. She is good at making decisions and acting. She's a better runner than I am. She's awesome with kids. There's a whole lot more, but I suppose I shouldn't take up too much comment space.

      1. Haha I re-read that after I posted and realized that I probably worded that sentence poorly. I was hoping nobody would catch it…I should've known better 🙂

  3. remaining calm. comedy (though i don't give him enough "props" on his self-proclaimed comedic genius). patience with kids. giving gifts (his christmas/birthday gifts to me always trump the things i get him). selflessness.

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