A Beautiful Mind

It’s funny how 4 months of marriage can change you. I loved Jen when we wed for sure, and yet the love that has grown out of the overflow of my heart when joined in union with the passion I have for her in my mind is something I’ve yet to know in my time here on earth.

I think it’s probably up for debate whether or not one can be passionate about or love something or someone in his or her mind, but to me the head and heart are connected in some sort of beautiful way.

To love something or someone without knowledge of that thing is simply overreaction or a blind grasp for fulfillment. But to know a thing (or a person) fully and for a love to develop and continue to grow because of (or sometimes in spite of) that knowledge is, I think, a little glimpse of what marriage is supposed to be.

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  1. I argue that it is impossible to love someone fully without the mind. Incidentally, this was the topic of the recent Desiring God National Conference, entitled "Think: The Life of the Mind and the Love of God." Piper also just wrote a book about it. How can we use our minds to become lovers? Sounds like you've got a head start.

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