A Couple of Stats

People like to know what they’re a part of. Didn’t someone famous say that once, or am I making that up? Either way, I want to know the tribe I’m a part of, whether it’s a softball team, a small group from church, or a website me and a bunch of my friends read. I want to know those people, I want to know what they’re like, where they’re from, I want to know their stories.

So for those of you reading this blog, we thought you might want to know that too…

For the month of October, Our Marriage Project was viewed by:

2,000 different people in…
20 different countries and…
43 different states

States that viewed the most: Oklahoma | Texas | Georgia | Oregon | Missouri (4 of our faves?)
Countries that viewed the most (outside of U.S.): Australia | Canada | Palestinian Territories (promise I’m not making this up)
Most popular post: A Beautiful Mind
Most traffic from: Facebook
Blogs that referred the most (thanks!): Body Won’t Break | Letters For Lindsay | Les Joy En Vie

This is what you’re a part of. This is what we’re a part of. We thank you for it and love your presence, and, yes I’m talking to you Wyoming, even though you’re the only state to never send a human being (or spammer for that matter) our way. We still love you too.

What’s YOUR favorite state?

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I'm an aspiring freelance writer and blogger (which doesn't make a ton of sense when you think about it). I started a blog called Our Marriage Project and one about OSU called Pistols Firing. I love both of them, and I love my wife. And I love Kevin Durant, Explosions in the Sky, Tim Riggins, Blue Moon ale, Twitter, and the state of Georgia.

9 thoughts on “A Couple of Stats”

  1. It may seem silly that my favorite state is Texas, being that I am from Georgia, have lived in Georgia for my whole life aside from the 3 years that I went to college in Mississippi. But Texas is my favorite state (don't get a big head, now) and it is because Texans don't apologize for who they are. It seems that everywhere else I've been people try to cover up what they really are. People try to be "not-so-southern" or in the Midwest pretend to "not be cow farmers" when the truth is that we should be proud of where we are from. I'm from Atlanta and as much as I may not like the stigmas that come from that, I'm proud to be from Atlanta, it's home and it's me. In Texas no one apologizes, no one makes excuses. There is a reason there is the phrase, "Texas pride." Two of my closest friends live in Texas and when I go visit they always welcome me to "God's country." So with no apologies, Texas is my favorite state…

  2. First, thank you for the shoutout. I love your writing and thoughts and all that jazz, so it is a pleasure to send more readers your way!

    Second, for my favorite state, I think it has to be a tie between Texas and Michigan. While I live in Oklahoma, my heart belongs to Texas (probably more than I want to admit), and even though I know this is where we are supposed to live, I wish we could be in Texas. And Michigan is the place I feel most at home.

    1. You're welcome…never been Michigan but maybe we need to go sometime…just not in the next 5 months or so, we don't do cold real well.

  3. I must love Okla because we’ve moved away twice since we’ve been married and have come back twice. One thing I miss when we live away (both east coast and southwest US) has been the four distinct seasons and the wide open skies. Arizona had pretty skies but little seasonal change and WV had horrible sunsets and average seasons. We have visited Oregon many times and love it there although we have never visited during the late fall/winter when there is little sun. My vote has to remain where I have remained 44 of my 47 years–Oklahoma!

  4. I've never been outside of Europe – the furthest from home I've been is Izmir in Turkey. Then depending on where you draw the line thats either Europe or Asia hehe.

    I think my Favourite would be NY because it includes Niagara Falls however I have friends near Ozark so it might be Missouri, then again my penpal lives in Kansas so that might have to be my favourite – I know it's sooooo complicated hehe.

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