Long Lost Linkage

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Malcolm Gladwell’s newest article about the historical impact of social media. Stick with it, the end is phenomenal. If Gladwell’s writing it, there’s a good chance we’re reading it.

Interesting Washington Post article about our future. We don’t necessarily subscribe to all of the conclusions, the premise, though, is intriguing.

A guy we’ve been following for quite a while just started a new blog about how to build your own blog. It’s worth your time.

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2 thoughts on “Long Lost Linkage”

  1. The Washington Post article on the future was garbage. Just garbage. The author claims that "those who defend the conditions of incarceration usually do so in non-moral terms (citing costs or the administrative difficulty of reforms)." The author then proceeds to indict the conditions of incarceration on completely non-moral terms–citing incarceration numbers, relative incarceration rates, and the like. If the author wishes to show that the current way of doing things is wrong, then he must make a value judgment about the facts he so brazenly laid out. Never once did he espouse a value position on the condition of our prisons and show why it is either right or wrong.

    As it turns out, the author uses the very procedure he condemns in order to make a point we cannot possibly understand. Great, he showed us tons of facts–so what? Why would future generations condemn us for these things? What is the moral basis here?

    Sorry for the rant–couldn't post on the WashPost website.

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