October Loves

Lots of inspiration for October, though October in and of itself is usually inspiration enough.

Come On Get Higher – Matt Nathanson
All the Poor & Powerless – Sons & Daughters
Blank Pages – The Album Leaf

Mad Men – Season 2 – We thought season 1 was outstanding and season 2 is embarrassing it so far. The jump in quality between the two seasons is unbelievable.
Babies– The long anticipated (by Jen) documentary about the first year of babies growing up around the world. If you’re thinking about being a parent but are afraid you’ll kill your child, just watch this documentary. They’re virtually unbreakable. Note: some nudity occurs.
Born Into Brothels– Another great documentary about the girls growing up in Calcutta’s Red Light district and the reporter who is teaching them a sense of self-worth through their own photography.

Buffalo Bill’s Pumpkin Ale – I can’t imagine anything else screaming “October!” more than drinking this on a chilly night.
Uncle Julios – Great Mexican food + new friends = nights of Dallas awesomeness.

Evernote – We use Evernote to collect all our ideas for this blog and they talk about some interesting data collection information on their podcast. Just for the record, that sounded a LOT less nerdy in my head.

Searching For God Knows What – Read this in Colorado…not Donald Miller’s best work but if you’re wandering (like I always am) it’s a good read.
Respectable Sins – Jen’s girls group is reading this and discussing for the next few months. It’s a convicting book about the sins we consider acceptable in our world, and the grace that covers them all. Perfect for small group discussion or to read with an accountability partner.

Messy Canvas – We’ve detailed her work before but we just can’t help ourselves.
Daily Thunder – Blogs like this make me wonder how newspapers are even still around. Really great stuff on the OKC Thunder here.

Red Velvet Art – I had to scoop Jen up off the floor after she saw this…
OmmWriter or Entri – A pair of writing mediums just a little more inspirational than Microsoft Word.

What did we miss?

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