A Creative Weekend- Our Rosie Wreath

If you come over for dinner or just to play at the Porter residence, you’ll notice a fun DIY project greeting you at the door. This is our new rosie little wreath, compliments of the Pretty Poppy and their super easy instructions. She spent less than $8 on her project, mine was more like $12. It was so easy and fun, I’m thinking about making more wreaths. I’m just running out of space to hang them.

Here are the step by steps (steps by step?), pulled straight from their fabulous blog. I thought about making my own instructions, but hers are too good to mess with. You could even do a fun orange or red for the holidays. I can hear the creative minds churning… enjoy!


18 inch wreath
1 yard of felt
glue gun
an old c.d.

Getting started:

To make the pretty little roses, begin by cutting out a whole bunch of circles from the felt, using the c.d. as a pattern. To speed up the process, I cut long strips of felt the width of the c.d., then folded it up accordion style so that I could cut out about 7 or 8 circles at a time.

Next, spiral cut each circle. I layered my circles three at a time when I did this. Start from the edge and spiral cut all the way around until you get to the middle. Then, take a spiral and roll it up. Starting with the middle, roll it so that the edge you cut is all lined up and even. Thus, the bottom will be flat and the top of your rose will have dimension.

Start out by making a bunch of roses. I made a smaller size as well by cutting the spiral of felt in half before rolling. I liked the added interest that two sizes of roses created.

When you are ready, heat up your glue gun and start attaching the flowers to your wreath. Before placing each rose on the wreath, be sure to put a dot of glue on the outer flap to hold it in place. Then, cover the bottom of the flower with glue and stick it on your wreath.

Keep it up, and soon your wreath will start looking like this:

I found it was easiest if I positioned three or four roses on the wreath first before gluing them. That way I was able to make sure everything fit the way I wanted it to. I also periodically held the wreath up and looked to make sure the roses were evenly circling the edges of the wreath.

Happy crafting!

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