Understanding HER

The other day at our small group I introduced Jen as “the girl I live with who does a bunch of stuff I don’t really understand.” Intelligent, I know. I didn’t really mean I don’t understand girls (even though I don’t) or how to live with one; I was merely referencing the fact that I’m always dodging sewing needles and flying thimbles when I walk through our living room.

Guys and girls are different, duh. She thought Peyton Manning was a pitcher. She thinks a corner kick is some sort of disciplinary action one would perform on a 3-year old. And she thinks an unplayable lie is what Tiger did, not what he encounters. In her defense, for $1M, I could not tell you what an overlock sewing stitch (thanks Google!) is. As such, our world views are universes apart. Sure, we both see things through Christian lenses, but that’s where the similarities stop.

For example, if we’re in a public place and see a cute girl in a stylish dress..

Jen thinks: “Oh, that dress, it is magnificent, I bet I can make it. It would look so much better with [fill in names of fabric I don’t know] as the fabric. I wonder where she got it. Oh, look at the fluidity of those seams and the way the shoulders fall. Look at the girth of that waist (wait…that’s bad isn’t it?). It’s pieced together so beautifully. Eeek. Oh my gosh I want to go home so I can make that dress!!”

I think: “that’s a cute girl in a stylish dress”

I don’t understand Jen. I don’t get her. I probably never will and vice-versa. Luckily for me, I’m not called to figure my wife out, I’m just called to love her. And that’s something I think I can handle…for now.

Until a stray needle goes through the bottom of my foot anyway…

Happy Homecoming weekend to all our O-State readers!

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