Christmas Ornament Contest

Yesterday we decided to skip church and make Christmas ornaments and eat ice cream. This makes us seem rather immature, but what makes it even more ridiculous is that, of course, we made it into a contest. Mostly Kyle turned it into a contest because he finds no joy in anything unless he’s competing for an award. Because we’re also stubborn, we couldn’t pick a winner between us, so we’ll let you do it.

Why Jen thinks she should win:

“I made the most mess which means I tried harder. Plus who doesn’t love a glitter disco ornament?”

Why Kyle thinks he should win:

“I think my attention to detail and creativity was paramount. Anyone can glue some sequins on a round ball with glue and make it glisten. But it takes talent to peel stickies and wield a sharpie like I did.”

Kyle’s ornaments are on the right and Jen’s are on the left – vote below. Thanks!

30 thoughts on “Christmas Ornament Contest”

  1. This is going to be like The Miracle On Ice. I'm going to win a close upset and there's going to be upheaval in our home for the rest of the week. I'd also like to point out that my snowman is wearing Vibram five-finger shoes ( which makes him even more awesome.

    Also, love you reppin' the Cal shirt. I know you probs don't know but they almost upset my Ducks on Saturday. I love my Ducks.

    Vote KP not JP.

    1. haha Bryan has those shoes….he came back from a month long training in Cali and all the Marines he worked out with swore by them. Now he's like a walking advertisement.

  2. Unlike Kim, my love of disco balls knows no bounds. Jen gets my vote, x100 if I could! (And I love skipping things. I miss going to school just because skipping it was so delicious. I've been skipping church for 10+ years and haven't looked back 🙂

  3. Sorry Jen. It was a hard decision. Your disco balls a wonderful, but I have a weakness for snowmen. Kyle, that snowman is ADORABLE!!!!

  4. Okay let me point out that the snowman was prefabricated. He bought a "build your own snowman" kit and peeled the sticky back off the foam pieces to stick them to the ornament. I don't usually say mean things in contests but I'm feeling desperate all of a sudden.

  5. Jen gets my vote–not for the disco ball, but for the tree w/ snow on the ground. It was a close one between this one and the pre-fab snowman.

  6. Jen got my vote mostly because of her logic on why she should win. I am SO messy when it comes to crafting… and cooking… and eating. I definitely agree that it means you worked harder!

    Also, I gravitate toward all things sparkly and sequined. I am totally going to copy that disco-ball ornament idea! You know what would be cool? A sparkly, sequined Christmas wreath!

    1. I LOVE the wreath idea Katie! Martha Stewart had a whole section in this month's magazine dedicated to a very sparkly Christmas party. I think the only thing she forgot to glue sequins to was a wreath! 🙂

  7. Sorry, Kyle, but I'm voting for Jen. I love the disco ball ornament! It's my belief that Christmas should be filled with sparkles and light, so I think the disco ball is perfect. :]

  8. Jen gets my vote. Sorry Kyle- but Jen's comment helped make my decision (is that okay that I may or may not have voted more than once?).

  9. The disco ball just wasn't doing it for me and the snowman was so cute (even if pre-fabricated) so I voted for Kyle. Also after being in Berkeley for the Duck game this weekend the Cal sweatshirt was kind of a turn off and may have influenced my vote for Kyle.

  10. You guys need phased voting because I like the Kyle's snowman and Jen's tree. I'm not a big fan of disco balls and…it really doesn't take much skill to peel off snowflakes stickers and place them on a glass globe : )

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