Christmas Ornament Results

Thanks to all of you who voted on our christmas ornament contest.

Well thanks to 58 of you anyway.

I got torched to the tune of 83-58. Just lit up like a Christmas tree. I have just two things to say before handing over the faux 2010 christmas ornament trophy to my wife:

  1. Yes, my snowman was made of stickies but I did manage to cut and assemble those stickies in a coherent non-potato-man-like way. I had to amend the little guy’s scarf (too big) and make him footies for the (not very cold) Dallas winter. I’m not just peeling and sticking people, come on.
  2. I also pride myself on integrity which is why I think it’s despicable that we have people voting on multiple computers for Jen’s ornaments. I’m looking at you Miss Tera “I’m in grad school I can fraudulently operate multiple IP addresses in the Oklahoma State computer lab” Woods.

Hope you guys enjoy the 70s…


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4 thoughts on “Christmas Ornament Results”

  1. Hahaha– Ohhhh Kyle… In respect to your "intergrity," I quote: "I can still win the ornament contest, one of you college students go to a comp. lab and vote for me on every comp" (Porter, 2010).
    And if we're being honest- looking at the data, my extra votes made minimal difference (I voted four times). I couldn't help it, I just really thought hers were better. 🙂
    I sorry.

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