Whenever I write a long post or put a story together I always send it to one or two of my friends who are smarter than me (wife included) for them to edit.

NOTE: If I’ve never sent you a story don’t be disappointed, you wouldn’t have wanted to read it anyway. All my friends who I’ve brutally asked to sit through 3,000+ mangled words are nodding their heads in agreement right now.

Anyway my friends do a great job helping me edit, showing me where my stories lack, and secretly erasing my lame Justin Bieber references without telling me. All for my own good of course.

I struggle with this process sometimes though. It’s kind of ironic actually, I ask for constructive criticism, they provide above and beyond that, and I silently scream at them in my head when they return it to me:

“Well who died and went and made you Hemingway?!?!”
“Yes, I understand the origin of the semicolon!!!”
“Of course I know it’s ‘their’ and not ‘they’re’, I was just in a hurry, OK!!!”

Then I calm down and realize what a benefit their time and work are to me. They’re vital to the process (see I know how to use it).

Essentially, I asked Jen to be my life editor when I married her. I asked her to come into my world and help clean up my mess so my life’s story, not just the one I’m typing, is more of what the Lord wants it to be. Even as I’m silently screaming at her in my head.

Who’s your favorite author?


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2 thoughts on “Criticism”

  1. Yeah, I edited that whole thing in my head, and didn’t find anything wrong. This might be one of my favorite posts…probably because I relate to it well. I tend to resist criticism in writing.

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