In high school (and college) my dad used to tell me, “do as I say, not as I do.” Although lathered quite thoroughly in sarcasm, I think he was painting a broader picture of prioritizing. He might as well have said “my actions are heavier than my words, this is why I’m telling you to ignore them.”

I can tell Jen “we’re going to live on a budget” or “I don’t care about OSU games as much as I care about spending time with you” until I’m blue, green, orange, red, or yellow in the face. What counts in her book, though, is what I do when decisions are to be made.

The thing about priorities is that everyone has them and no two people’s are exactly alike. I can write a list of what my priorities are but more than likely it’s going to be a list of what I think my priorities should be. The list of what my priorities actually are, is forged by each action I take every day.

And that battle seems to be fought in quieter times. That is, the decisions I make, I make far before the moment the decision is made. I choose my priorities, essentially, during times of reading, praying, meditating, and thinking. The fork in the road of decision-making is simply an affirmation of who I am, not a confirmation of a split-second decision I made.

What’s 1 priority you struggle with?

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