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Interesting article on why renting is superior to owning in 2010 and beyond. Not sure we agree with it but it’s worth a discussion…as long as that discussion is over coffee or Blue Moons.

Some brilliance from Tony Steward (husband of Messy Canvas) on why not having TV is just as dangerous to your time as having TV.

Jen’s new favorite store just opened. In a seemingly related story, we’re looking into getting her an inhaler.

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6 thoughts on “Saturday Stories”

  1. I have been preaching renting for several years. I will admit that I was looking at it from a senior, retired, old broken
    down man rather than from the young couples viewpoint. Makes a lot of sense to me. After a certain age home owner-
    ship becomes a burden; physically, mentally, and certainly financially.

  2. We started renting when we first got married and had proper jobs. We now own.

    The decision we came to was we pay rent and it goes in someone elses bank or we pay for a mortgage and it goes to something that is going to be ours!! woot woot!

  3. There were a lot of negative comments on that Wired magazine. I always thought ownership, while more onerous, was the way to produce wealth.

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