Self Promotion

“Crap. What am I doing here? I wonder if the lady next to me would trade me tables. She can talk about my stuff and I’ll talk about hers. Yeah that makes sense. I know nothing about jewelry and she knows nothing about sewing. But it’s more enticing to hear about a product you didn’t make. Right?”

These are the thoughts that went through my mind right before the holiday bazaar started yesterday. I had been sewing for weeks, this time with a purpose. I was going to sell my things, but I forgot that required promoting and being proud of them. It’s strange, really. I can promote someone else’s fabric store all day long. I’ll tell you about my friend’s photography business or my husband’s athletic ability, just don’t ask me about what I do for a hobby. Or not a hobby. We still haven’t figured that out yet.

It was really inspiring to be around other people with creative minds, to watch them think outside the box and turn a small profit. But even as we continue to document our lives on the blog, we struggle with being too excited about our own work. We try not to tweet about a post more than once a day, but we’ll tweet other people’s stuff all day long. It’s easier and more freeing to talk about someone else’s success above your own.

But then it comes down to this: every minute we have to sew is a blessing. At least to me, though Kyle would consider it a prison sentence. Every minute we have to write is a blessing. And the platform from which to do it? No idea why we have it. So why is it such a difficult thing to talk about your successes? How do we balance having a humble heart with building something successful?


12 thoughts on “Self Promotion”

  1. Don’t worry about promoting yourself, your readers will take care of that! Tell us about what’s on the table!! Why you made what you made?! And where you draw inspiration! That way we can better market the goods!

    How about it’s not a hobby, it’s a lifestyle?

  2. I can totally relate. It really does help to surround yourself with other creative types and talk to people who do shows. Networking is vital. If you ever set up an online shop, I'd be happy to put a badge on my blog. I recently blogged about my last show experience

    1. Not yet- Kyle is working on a website for me, but it won't be ready to roll until the middle of next year. You can email us if you'd like more info, pics, etc!

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