While You Were Out

Dear Kyle,

I’m glad you had fun in Austin. I also had fun while you were gone. Here are a few things I did.

I made mashed potatoes for a fun party.

I know you don’t like to go places when we take food because you’re afraid people will find out what we brought and won’t want to be our friends. This time I got raving reviews, but the aftermath still remains. I’m not proud of the mess, but I’m not hungry either.

I watched the Oklahoma State football game. At least until I knew we would win for sure. This picture is actually of another game because I forgot to document ours. So I technically watched two different games. Like a real football fan or something.

I started sewing a new pattern, but I ran out of fabric six inches too early.

This caused me to lay my head on the floor gently while I reevaluated the project, and briefly, life. This led to ice cream and a night drive which I love and you don’t.

I tried on a lot of outfits that I didn’t hang back in the closet and I didn’t make the bed all weekend.

I also danced a lot to eighties music I thought I hated and teased my hair. More than normal.

Love you. But you already knew that. Come home.



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