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I learned that making homemade s’mores over the gas stove with you is 7/8 as good as making them over a campfire with anyone else…even when I stick a white-hot metal fork in my mouth and have skin hanging from my lips 9 seconds later AND drop a mallow directly onto the gas burner that stinks up our entire apartment for a good 3 hours.

I realized how sad I am for watching an entire football game by myself at a bar while you sold fabrics and crafted with other Dallas-ites. I didn’t have nearly as much fun without you there to ask me silly sports questions. I know I laugh at you when you say things like “OSUs running back looks a lot like Zacchaeus” but I really do like watching games with you.

I loved playing tennis with one of our new married friends while you power-walked with his wife. I loved this mostly because I got to compete a little bit, and you know how I feel about competition. But I also partly loved it because you and his wife watched us the last 20 minutes and I love showing off in front of you.

Have you ever made s’mores on a gas stove?


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  1. Never used a gas stove but we used our gas grill quite a bit this summer! Definitely not the same as a campfire but it gets the job done!

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