Day 2- Jen’s Handmade Christmas Cards

Okay ladies and gents, our randomly selected winner from Wednesday was #11 Miss Allie – I think Allie forgot to enter her email address so Allie if you’re reading this and you were the 11th comment from Wednesday’s giveaway, email us so we can send you your playlist. Or if you know Allie go shake her by the shoulders and yell “you won the Marriage Project playlist!”…then tell her to email us. Congrats and thanks to all who played. If you were one of the other 57 comments, try again today!

In honor of the Christmas season, we’re giving away two free sets of Christmas cards handmade by yours truly. There are six in each set (the winner can pick from the five variations below), retail for $10 each, and are also available for purchase. Just email us here if you want some (but wait until after Sunday to see if you score some for free).

I don’t think any of them say Merry Christmas, so someone should probably put me on the grinch alert, though they pack a handful of Christmas cheer. They’re full of hand painted and hand inked designs and will be the perfect solution for those who haven’t yet mailed out their Christmas cards. Like us. Maybe we should hold onto them.

To enter, simply comment below and let us know whether you like receiving birthday cards or Christmas cards better. You have until midnight on Sunday to comment and then we’ll pick a winner winner chicken dinner. Except there are no chickens, only snowmen.

Happy card winning!

34 thoughts on “Day 2- Jen’s Handmade Christmas Cards”

  1. Well I just really like receiving mail in general so I would take either. For the sake of your question though, I am going with Christmas Cards. I love them because I get to see pictures of the ones sending them and semi get a feeling for how they are doing!

  2. I like Christmas cards better – they don't remind me that I'm getting older. I'm going to begin counting backwards once I hit 30, ya know.

  3. I have never personally received a Christmas card. So, I will choose birthday cards. I get plenty of those each year, sometimes with a valuable green piece of paper stuck in there.

  4. Birthday cards always make me feel so special, but I like receiving Christmas cards better because you hear from friends about what's been going on in their lives over the year and you get to see pictures! 🙂 Love you guys!

  5. I love getting Birthday cards because they are more personal. Christmas cards are something many people send out to a mass of friends, family and acquaintances once a year. Birthday card are something people have to remember specifically, and to me, that makes Birthday cards more special.. That reminds me, today is my sister-in-law's birthday. 🙂

  6. I can't really chose between the two bc I like them for different reasons. Often times, birthday cars are filled with blessing for the day (or money : ), and they are directed specifically toward me, the receiver. They are personal. Christmas cards are great, though, bc they are "update" time. They include everything from information on who is dating who, to Susy's soccer game, to broken arms, to simple season's greetings. They include all the information about a person or family from the last year that you may (or may not : ) have cared to know.

  7. Christmas cards are way better. I mean who doesn't love a good birthday card, but a birthday card is all about the birthday boy/girl. I love Christmas cards b/c they are about the sender, and getting to catch up and see or read what they've been up to. Love 'em.

  8. Definitely christmas cards! You receive Christmas cards from all kinds of people you know and love but dont get a chance to catch up on life with during the year. You see pictures of cute kids and families donning matching white t shirts and jeans and get reminded of all the people you love and care about. Jen, I love all the crafty stuff you make! The cards are too cute. I would love to be as crafty as you are.

  9. I love receiving Christmas AND birthday cards! Also. I just discovered this blog and I think it is a fantastic idea! I love that you kept your engagement secret. You guys are totally awesome. Merry Christmas and God bless!

  10. I like receiving Christmas cards better. They always seem to be more personal. People usually send a picture or letter that share what has gone on in their lives for the past year.

  11. Christmas cards…. love going home to my parents house over the holiday and going through the basket of cards they've received from family friends. Not a lot of Christmas cards coming OUR way yet…. i guess it takes some time to establish that as a new married couple! (new? its been almost 2 years…. wowzers!)

  12. Christmas Cards… because they usually update you about the goings-on of friends and family. Plus, they tend to have charming pictures of trees and mountains!

  13. hmmmm…i think Christmas cards b/c they have pictures, but I always find it so very sweet and thoughtful when someone remembers your birthday. And just so you know…your handmade 'thank you' cards are still one of our favorite wedding presents we got!!! love you guys 🙂

  14. birthdays card are better then christmaa cards. People usually mean what they write, cause they are only making one, not one for all their friends..

  15. I love looking through Christmas cards, but in this case, if I were to win, I would want birthday cards. More versatile to use throughout the whole year! Love that you're using your craftiness for the giveaway….I think I've bought a pack or two of these from you over the years!

  16. I love cards and wish I had time to be creative and make them…but receiving cards is almost as much fun! I would choose birthday cards so the fun could be spread out all year. The snowman is SO cute though!! Merry Christmas!

  17. I can't decide. I guess mail in general is always wonderful. Birthday is nice, because it's personal…and for Christmas, everyone sends them..or at least a lot of people, so it's fun to get different pictures and cards!

    By the way, I love your cards! I need to take some lessons from youuuuu.

  18. I get really excited for mail in general because I rarely get any good snail mail. However, if forced to choose I would pick Birthday cards! Though Christmas cards are nice and festive and sometimes great decorations.

  19. I also love Christmas cards with the cheesy updated letters. One of my favorite parts is to sit down and read all the cards my parents get that have the letters 🙂

  20. Cards at anytime of the year are great. But I think I might like Christmas cards better. There are so many different kinds and a great way to tell someone that you're thinking about them 🙂

  21. I love receiving Christmas cards more! I like the pictures and letters that usually come with them… even if they are incredibly cheesy at times.

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