Day 4 – The Coffee Post

What is Christmas if it isn’t curling up next to a fire (real or gas-powered, we don’t discriminate) with a piping hot cup of coffee wrapped in a precious little (Jen’s words, not mine) cream-colored cozy?

Where am I going to get all those things, you might ask.

Well, I don’t know what you’re going to do about the fire (please don’t try anything crazy) but we can help with the rest.

We’re giving away a pair of 8oz. sacks of Oak Cliff coffee from our favorite Dallas coffee shop – The Crooked Tree paired with this eco-friendly (Al Gore thanks you) cozy from an (aptly-named) Etsy store, CozyCommodities.

To win, tell us below, coffee or tea?

This giveaway closes at 11:59 CST on Thursday

PS – Congratulations to @allisonmbrown on winning the Kiva gift card!


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61 thoughts on “Day 4 – The Coffee Post”

  1. Coffee always in the morning, 2 cups. Afternoon is time for my green tea. Mainly for health reasons as green tea
    has many health qualities(look them up yourself).

  2. Coffee for sure, I'm a transplant to Fort Worth from Seattle…it's in my blood – and hey! I forgot you guys were in Dallas. I've been SEARCHING all the way across the metro plex for a real coffee shop and have been having a hard time finding one in Fort Worth. I will have to go try out The Crooked Tree.

    1. Have you seen the episode of Gilmore Girls where Lorelai goes up to the counter and says, "I need coffeecoffeecoffee," and they give her three cups? Classic… You just earned yourself like seventeen.

  3. I love coffee, but I am sort of a coffee snob, and there are only a few places in Tulsa where I can get GOOD coffee. I would LOVE to try this out!

  4. sometimes coffee in the morning but usually tea. peppermint tea at that! even if i dont win I'd love to know where you got that mug. i collect coffee mugs and am obsessed with this one.

  5. Definitely coffee! I usually drink my coffee cold but when it gets really cold outside I sometime enjoy a warm cup of joe. 🙂

  6. Coffee. It's what gets me going at 6AM every morning before going to work at the elementary school. That daily dose of caffeine is utterly important. :] And that mug cozy is SO cute!

  7. tea please! preferably a McAlisters unsweet tea with lemon (and 3 packets of sweet-n-low!) …. makes any day better!
    what happens if one of us tea lovers wins this little ditty …. do you 2 have a favorite "tea spot" in dallas where you can buy great flavored tea??!?! just sayin…. 🙂

  8. I enjoy my coffee. I like tea but it is a night time before bed kind of thing. Coffee on the other hand can be enjoyed any time of the day

  9. Undoubtedly and unequivocally…. coffee.

    You see, I've literally been a coffee fiend since the embryonic stage. My mother drank coffee when she was preggo, then found that as a result, I hated formula as a child unless she added just a few teaspoons of her morning cup o' joe. So I was a goner from the beginning. Good news is that after five years of dating and my husband detesting the heavenly stuff, it only took 3 weeks and an all-nighter of midterm studying to bring him over to the dark side. 🙂

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