Day 5 – A Double Giveaway

Congrats to Brittany W. on winning the coffee + cozy and thanks to everybody who entered, your comments were killing us.

Hip hip, hooray for a giveaway times two! That’s right- because we love you guys so much (or because we couldn’t come to an agreement) we’re giving away two delightful gifts. One for him and one for her.

For the girls –

I know we make a lot of jokes about the fact that I’d give up any of my appendages to have Domino magazine back, but there aren’t many things closer to my heart. And then, there was the Domino Book of Decorating. Before I owned this book, I used to frequent the local book store and read it in segments. Every page is full of color and life in every style imaginable. To steal words from the cover, “This book demystifies the decorating process and provides the tools for making spaces that are personal, functional, and fabulous. It’s the new decor bible for how we live today.” *sigh* What more could a girl ask for? Except a free copy?

For the boys –

Guys, I’m sorry. I’m sorry we talk so much on here about Etsy and Jen’s always putting up pictures of her crafts and I’m talking about The Pioneer Woman like she’s family. You deserve better than that. Well, actually you probably don’t since 75% of our readers are girls but this is me trying to give you better.

Simmons’ hoops book was easily (and I mean it wasn’t even close) my favorite guilty reading pleasure of 2010. I read the hardcover version this summer but don’t worry we’re giving away the newly-released paperback with dozens of pages of new material on Kobe and DWade and LeBron’s new legacy and how KD has an outside shot at being the greatest basketball player who has ever walked on planet earth. Like I said, don’t worry.

Plus it makes for a great Christmas break read. Only 700+ pages worth of hysterical nonsense on sports, culture, and history as only Simmons can write it. I probably won’t be spinning it into a spiritual post on my marriage where I compare Jen to an aging Bill Russell but it should be on your gift guide nonetheless.

Girls – give us your favorite magazine of all-time to enter the Domino giveaway.
Fellas – give us your favorite athlete of all-time to enter the Book of Basketball giveaway.

Jen just brought up the fact that “some guys out there might want to get into the world of decorating.” I don’t know if that…umm…”demographic” is a big part of our readership but guys I suppose you can comment on your favorite mag to win the Domino book and girls can comment on an athlete to win Simmons’ book.

Good luck!

This giveaway ends on Sunday night at 11:59 CST

44 thoughts on “Day 5 – A Double Giveaway”

  1. Pete Sampras is my favorite athlete. He had the classic serve and volley game, and the serve was ridiculous. His choice of storage location for his trophies did not factor into my decision, but seriously, what was he thinking??

  2. I don't really read magazines. With the price of paperback novels being about the same as a decent film magazine (£5ish) I may as well spend £7 on a book that lasts me a week or two (or longer sometimes) than spending a £5 on a film magazine and then reading it within two days.

    If I am going to buy a film magazine then I'd get Empire or Total Film – usually depends on the cover lol.

  3. XD I don’t follow sports at all, so I have no favorite athelete. Seriuoly: recently I had to be told who Lance Armstrong was. On the other hand, I need to have my home office redecorated, so I’d love the decor book.

  4. My favorite magazine of all time is Marie Claire! I love that they focus on the typical fashion and beauty stuff, but they also focus on a lot of international issues and awareness about tough stuff!

  5. Easy — Ken Griffey Jr

    In his prime, easily considered one of the best baseball players of all time.

    10 gold gloves
    13 all-star appearances
    630 home runs

    – lustful batting stance (not sure if that's the adjective I should be using..)
    – incredible super nintendo/n64 video game

  6. So I read this and immediately thought, "what if I wanted the guy's giveaway?" And then I realized a. You already covered that situation b. I actually really want the Domino book. and c. I could have pretended I was a guy? (Perhaps that's a strange answer.)

    Regardless, my favorite magazine is Self. I think they project a positive and healthy focus throughout their magazine.

  7. Favorite Athlete: Walter Johnson, feared left-hander of the Washington Senators.

    And, I'll throw in a magazine, because Domino would make a great gift for my girlfriend: Popular Science.

    1. Oh, if historical figures count, then Christy Mathewson, “The Christian Gentleman”. I’d still rather have some help for office redecorating than a sports book, though.

  8. I know the demographics are reversed here…but I love The Sports Guy and my goal in life is to make a Mail Bag before my boss does. BS can do no wrong so I'll happily take The BOB. Favorite Athlete: Craig Biggio! What up 90s Houston! Love you guys!!!

  9. No problem. Barry Sanders. An OSU alum, and one of the best (if not the best) RB ever to play.

    In fact, I like Barry so much that I'm still a Detroit Lions fan to this day. They're my #1 team…and that's obviously saying a lot.

  10. One of my favorite magazines lately, which is almost more of a newsletter, is the publication called Above Rubies about biblical womanhood, wifehood, sisterhood & family. It's done by a great family living in Australia and a lot of it is about the practical application of living out biblical principals. I'm a fan. 😀

    And I am DEVASTATED that Domino is out of publication. ::sigh:: Why do all the good ones have to die? 😛

  11. The fact that I haven't purchased a single Christmas present for my 28-year-old brother, makes me want the hoops book. But then, I slap myself when I realize I could just get him a calendar or boxers & win the Domino book on my own:

    Favorite magazine: Southern Living. My mom has had a subscription for almsot her entire life. so I was raised that everytime I see it in newsstands, I pick up a copy & thumb through it. It's a classic that reminds me of my sweet, Southern momma.

  12. Okay I don’t really read many magazines so Sports Illustrated is probably the favorite since it’s about the only one I have bought in the last 2 years.

  13. Debated in my head among a few candidates (from either Chicago or Stillwater of course). And I have to go with the guy whom I named my friend's dog after…Desmond Mason.

  14. Michael Young. Not because of the stats. He's my favorite because of what he embodies as a team player. This is how I want to live, command respect by actions. And this is why Michael Young is my favorite.

  15. I really love photography magazines. And I like to read magazines pertaining to creative decorative ideas. Thats not very specific but I'm not really an avid magazine reader. =)

  16. I don't buy many magazines anymore. In high school though I would love when my issue of seventeen would come in the mail and then read through all the articles and take note of the new cool fashions. Since being in college though I don't read as many magazines, but when I do it is usually because they have a good looking recipe. The last magazine I bought was good housekeeping. It had cookie recipes and fun easy decorating for the holidays : )

  17. im going to be that girl who wants the BOB over the mag. and my favorite player is chris carpenter of my stl cardinals. b/c he's #29 (thats my number) and the man is a beast of a pitcher….when he's not hurt of course.

    also, am i even allowed to win again?

  18. I like you guys. I like blogging. I like writing bogs, I like reading your blogs. Sometimes I get you… sometimes I don't. But like your post today states, it's the little things we celebrate. We are not guaranteed tomorrow. But we are promised now. So let's you and I, with our writings, make a difference. We lead, we direct, we follow. This year…. as we are reminded once again about the birth of Christ, we accept the incredibile responsibility we have to our readers, to direct them to the baby who saved us.

  19. Favorite athlete of all time? Hmmm… Very tough to choose one!

    Haile Gebrselassie, greatest distance runner of all time, while remaining happy about it! Always running with a smile.

  20. Hey guys! It's my first comment (been reading for a while)! Love your blog! 🙂

    Upon first reading, I was really excited about the potential to win both of these books! But I guess it makes sense to do two separate giveaways. 🙂 Can I enter both? I mean, what girl doesn't love Bill Simmons – he is hilarious and loves The Hills. As a Mavs Fan For Life, I would def love that book! But on the other hand – DOMINO!!! So yeah, I'm torn about which to enter! I'll just let y'all throw me in which ever you want!

    Fav Athlete – it's hard to pick an all-time favorite! So many great ones. And my view of favorite is very different than guys. My heart still belongs to Devin Harris, so let's go with him.

    Fav Magazine – right now I am loving the Food Network magazine. They always have a good recipe that I'll actually make, unlike some magazines that are just a little over the top.

  21. I'm a sucker for decorating and all things fashion, news, and health, but growing up– I would LOVE flipping through my grandmother's National Geographics. Those things expanded my small and narrow view on the world around me and really helped me grow in appreciation for God's wonderful creation. So, I would have to say that they are on the top of the list for my favorite indulgence in magazine form.

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