The Wish Lists

Here are a few things we’ve had our eyes on for Christmas this year. In all reality, these are the things we’ve been thinking about for the last few days because I never come up with any ideas until right before Christmas when it’s way too late to buy me anything. So here are my last-minute wishes.

Jen’s Wishes:

Anthology Magazine

A newly introduced quarterly publication, it looks, smells, and seems to read a little like Domino, with more pages and fewer mailings to your home. A gift that gives four times a year? Yes, please.

A sewing table

This one is a snowball effect. I’d love to have a new sewing table with organization for my fabrics and threads, but this means we’d need more space in our apartment. So essentially I’m asking for a new table, a new room, and a new house. I knew Kyle would probably say no to the table, but he would certainly say no to a house. Maybe next Christmas.

Kyle’s wishes:

I don’t really like a lot of stuff. Unfortunately for those in my family (and now Jen) the stuff I do like is really nice and costs a lot of money. So I don’t expect to get everything on my wish list (or any of it really) but here are 3 things I’m hoping are under the tree tomorrow.

Canon Rebel t2i

We just can’t run this blog anymore without some higher-quality photos of ourselves to post. Yeah, I know, what a narcissistic gift- “Yeah, you think you can get us something really expensive so we can use it on ourselves and then look at ourselves using it? Is that cool?”

FiveFingers Shoes

I know I’m going to get made fun of for these but this guy (who doubles as my bike-maker) swears by them. And I swear by him.

Tennis Racket

Our small group leader is my new tennis-playing partner. I could roll out with rackets strung by Federer himself and I wouldn’t beat him but this would make playing a lot more enjoyable.

Merry Christmas Eve.

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  1. Come take photography class with me in OKC. Only a 2 hour commute! I also want a DSLR and had my eye on the same model. Good taste!

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