Hi, this is Kyle and Jen. We love to tell stories, organize ideas, create art, oh and have mentioned we were secretly engaged for 6 months and surprised all of our friends with a surprise wedding in a barn?

This blog is a snapshot of our story, messy as it may be sometimes.

We talk here about relationship and money and small business and our friends and vintage radios  and homemade pizza and bicycles with baskets and dirty laundry and making art and God and each other.

We talk about what we’re learning (everything) and where we’re going (no clue). We like to assure our readers that “yes, everybody fights about inconsequential things like grocery shopping and leaving sewing needles strewn all over the wooden living room floor” but “no, it shouldn’t be the status quo.”

The reason for this blog is simple and only slightly complicated. During our 6-month long secret engagement we watched a movie that changed our lives (for better or worse we’re not sure). Julie & Julia was the flick and their 365-day cooking blog inspired us to chronicle our first year of marriage. We decided the best time to launch it was, obviously, at our surprise wedding.

So Kyle made up some pretty little invitations (he actually did them by himself!) and sent them out to our best friends and family under the guise of an “engagement party.” People showed up, a wedding broke out, and a blog was born the next day while we were on a plane to Maui.

We love this place. We love the people who comment and read. We love the opportunity it gives us to express who we are and who we’re becoming and where we struggle and how we thrive.

So thank you for reading (without you the only readers we would have are our grandparents and a few stray Googlers) and thank you for the blog you’re writing, song you’re singing, and art you’re creating. Your work is imperative and we love it.

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