Engagement Week (Part 4)

Clue #4

If you haven’t guessed, the answer to the third riddle (see below) is……..me. I became her “ex” (albeit briefly and inexplicably), but I’m what marks the spot…and I’m at Chick-Fil-A today!

Treasure number two
Easier to find
But for yXur clue
You must hit rewind
Back to July of ’08
A moXth that I rue
Played my cards all wrong
And became THIS to you

Anyway, I’m giving her a little Santa (still don’t believe in him mom) gift box tomorrow at Chick-Fil-A with an Anthropologie (some strange artsy/girly store she likes) gift card attached (see picture)…and of course, another X. The back of that X reads:

Clue #4

A decent two days
But this is just the start
I’m pulling no punches
I’m after your heart
The very next thing
You won’t have to search
It will be presented to you
At the place we go to church
A pair of Xhings you’ll love
I made one on my own
Be very wary tomorrow
Stay by yoXr phone

Confused? Excited?

More to come tomorrow. Hope you’re having fun reading this at work. We’re laying on a beach in Maui right now.

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Engagement Week (Part 3)

Clue #3

She bought the ‘ol 12 line poem in a fortune cookie stunt…oldest trick in the book.

I buried a suitcase with two 2010 Masters tickets and her next clue in the park “where fireflies glow” We used to go to this park to watch the fireflies and…uhh….talk. The buried suitcase was marked with a spraypainted X. Jen had to dig it up with the shovel I put in the back of her truck..sooo we were there a while. The clue in the suitcase read like this:

Clue #3

Treasure number two
Easier to find
But for yXur clue
You must hit rewind
Back to July of ’08
A moXth that I rue
Played my cards all wrong
And became THIS to you
That’s what marks the Xpot
But if you don’t get the pun
Chick Fil A tomorrow
Meet me there Xt 1

I’ll explain that one tomorrow…

It was like 6 in. deep, not 6 ft.

Also, I told you we’d get back to those Xs…if you’re scoring at home (or if you’re alone) you can fill in the letters that SHOULD be where the X’s are and get this so far:

Aspen on Sa…. (to be continued)

Jen + The Masters

If you missed them earlier: Part 1 Part 2

Engagement Week (Part 2)

Clue #2

This one was presented Monday night at dinner at Thai Cafe…I went to New China on Saturday and coerced one of the young Chinese men there to give me 5 fortune cookies. I offered to pay and he declined citing benevolence. What generosity the Chinese show. And humility. 2 OU fans stared me down while I was there. I considered showing them some sort of physical disdain for their “school” but refrained. Anyway, I unraveled one of the cookies, took the fortune out, and inserted my own. It reads as follows:

Clue #2

2 Xresents for you
In the back of your truck
You’ll have to fight
Through mire and muck
But the Xnd will be worth it
You’ll be out of your mind
Get your big hats ready
Leave your cell phone behind
What is it you ask,
A preseXt from Po
To find out what I’m saying
Go where fireflies glow

Come back tomorrow to find out where this clue took her and what she found when she got there…

Also, here’s Part 1 from Monday if you missed it.

Engagement Week (Part 1)

Back in the middle of December (I know it’s hard to believe none of this got out in our Twitter-happy universe) I sent Jen on a week-long scavenger hunt that culminated in a Christmas-lights-laden proposal (video to be posted in a week or so). I documented it too, in emails to my family and hers. This week I’ll be posting the clues I left her, gifts I gave her, and a few other goodies while we’re on our honeymoon in Hawaii.

This is part 1. Follow along at your own risk.

Welcome to engagement week. I put together a scavenger hunt full of gifts, dinners, surprises, fun, games, and the ring ceremony on Saturday. It’s like a full season of The Bachelor minus the pre-marital sex with multiple women! I’ll try to explain everything as quickly and succinctly as possible. You can follow along with the pictures attached…

Clue #1 (which I dropped off at her apt.) is the red X you see attached below, it reads as follows:

Clue #1

The following 6 days
They’re gonna be greXt
I’m sending you off
To hunt down fate
You only have one rule
But you’ll need it a lot
Here it is, are you ready?
X marks the spot.
For your firXt clue
We’ll have to meet
6 PM, Thai Cafe
On husband street

Some of you (Kevin) are probably chastising me for misspelling a bevy of the words above, but the Xs represent letters that spell an overarching clue she will uncover as the week goes on. It will eventually lead her to the ring ceremony…

Stay tuned.

Welcome to our Project

NOTE: I promise we’ll get to the engagement story tomorrow, a little housekeeping first though…how this all got started…

We were watching the movie Julie & Julia the other day via Netflix On Demand. We liked it, it was a fun flick, and, more importantly, it sparked something within us.

So we started thinking (well, Kyle did while Jen played with wrapping paper) and we said “what if we did the Julie & Julia thing with our first year of marriage?” We hear the first year is one of the most exciting, frustrating, emotional, trying times of your relationship.  So what better way to exacerbate all the problems we have than by flinging our crap in the public domain document such a thing than publicly, on our very own blog?

Our thinking was this: best-case scenario – people read it and we continue doing it for X number of years and worst-case scenario: we have a not-so-serious, enlightening, transparent, consistent look at the first 365 days of our marriage.

I (Kyle) am all about value (it’s why I love reading about personal finance and playing fantasy games) and this seems like Adrian Peterson in the 3rd round if you know what I’m saying.

Of course all of this could backfire on us the first time we try to translate a real-life scuffle into a digital fight and it turns into a relational brouhaha that ends in Kyle sleeping on the couch or Jen getting her Hobby Lobby frequent buyers card taken away.

That’s a risk we’re willing to take though. As the old saying goes – those who refuse to express themselves over the internet never fully realize their literary dreams. Actually, uh, I don’t know if that’s an “old saying” or just something I made up 17 seconds ago…but let’s go with it.

So here it is.

52 weeks of blog posts.

7 times a week.

1 post a day.

See what happens.

Let the blogging commence.

Marriage Statement

We got married last night.

Nobody knew about it. They thought they were coming to an engagement party and a full-blown wedding broke out.

I lied, a few people knew about it, but most didn’t.

That’s how we wanted it.

It’s been our experience that it’s very easy for us (because we’re human) to get caught up in things. Things like showers and gifts and fine china. Things that aren’t 2 people standing before the Lord looking to be sanctified. We were scared of that so we did it different than anyone else we know has done it.

Of course, most people also don’t make a marriage statement like a company would make a mission statement. We’re different though. Or we try to be. Or we just think we try to be. Or maybe we’re just weird. I don’t know

I do know we  hate convoluted and complex. Our marriage statement is only 10 words. You can see it in the header. We handed out cards with that statement on them at our wedding. It entails everything we’re striving to be.

We hope people loved them as much as we loved making them.

Speaking of love, we’re honeymooning in Hawaii right now, and will be for the next 10 days. By the end I’m sure we’ll be ready to get back and post pictures and stories and videos from our wedding. Until then, though, we’ll be talking about what this blog will entail over the next year and spouting stories from our engagement week (which, yes, happened 6 months ago).

See y’all soon,
Kyle + Jen