Three Pictures from the Weekend

Babies, babies everywhere. I think we probably know about 25 people who are set to give birth this year, and this weekend produced two babies within our circles. This one I get to post because we’re related, whether he likes it or not. He belongs to my cousin and his beautiful wife- I can’t wait to meet him and whisper in his ear that he’s got it really good and to enjoy life while he can. That’s my favorite thing to do with babies. Welcome to the world, little Logan David. Being alive is hard sometimes, but we’re cheering for you.

This weekend, I sewed a dress. It had pockets and sleeves and it almost has a zipper, which makes me so giddy I can hardly stand up straight. I’m on the last page of instructions, and while the pieces don’t match up the way they should, I will not be deterred. I had only two goals in mind when starting this project: 1) Don’t spill anything on it and 2) finish. So far, so good.

Last night we had a smorgasbord of raw and roasted veggies for dinner including our favorite summer snack: salsa. It’s a very secret recipe that’s only secret because it changes every time we make it. Last night we used tomatoes, carrots, bell pepper, jalapeno, onion, cilantro, lime juice, and salt and pepper. Chop, chop, chop. I see this in our future every day until all the vegetables dry up for the winter.

What’s a moment from the weekend you wish you would have captured in film?

Some Friday Web Inspiration

Today I’m offering up some of my favorite recent posts from around the web. Enjoy, and if you aren’t ready to have your heart swooned in any one category, just skip it. Trust me.

These make me ready to have littles:

via oh, hello friend blog

Family Writing Club
How to Make Playdough

These make me wish I didn’t have to work and could spend all day crafting. And also wish that I had a greater attention span.

via design sponge blog

Rosette Necklaces
Rag Crochet Pillows
Spool Hooks

These make me want to redo lots of things in our house.

via design is mine blog

Build me up, Buttercup
Decorating with Wallpaper

And these, more than anything, make me want to throw a summer party. Who’s coming over?

via the coterie blog

Pretty sparkle ideas
Rooftop Dinner

What’s been inspiring you from around the web this week?

A New(ish) Space

I awoke this morning after 4 hours of sleep to a neighbor’s car alarm which went off for 8 minutes before they realized they had hit the panic button. I can only assume this to be the case, mostly because I’ve never seen any car bandits at 7:30am in Highland Park, and in looking for solace or distraction, I find that the Twitter world is trending the phrase #ifwebeinghonest. So many things in this world make me want to crawl back into bed.

This, however, does not make me want to crawl back into bed. Enter: our new computer armoire. Technically speaking, it’s not that new anymore. We purchased it off Craigslist, and it’s probably been at least 3 months since I helped Kyle bring it inside, my end dragging significantly, both praying that we wouldn’t have to take the whole thing apart to get it in the door. It has been the best solution to our tiny space issue, and it’s so nice to be able to shut the doors and hide our computer when friends come over. And also to hide all the things we throw in there to clean up before they get here.

I decided, based on this post by Jordan Ferney, that I would paint our little find. I initially regretted the use of semi-gloss paint, though it’s starting to stick less and wear better as time goes on. A few touchups will be necessary in the coming years unless we chalk up all the marks to “giving it character,” our immediate recovery phrase for anything that goes differently than we had initially hoped.

Have you done any projects in the past few weeks?


Something Old, Something New

Lately, I’m getting a lesson in not getting attached to things. Maybe I’m gradually becoming more clumsy in my old age, or maybe it’s just a season, but my ownage to breakage ratio is getting worse all the time. After months of research and wedding gift cards burning holes in our marital pockets, we purchased a French press. Ah, the coffee lovers’ dream. We ordered it online and waited nearly a month for it to arrive, but after having it for only 10 days, I knocked it off our tiny counter and broke it into a large pile of coffee grounds and glass. We debated briefly on whether or not to buy a new house with more counter space, but then decided that the $13 glass replacement would be more cost efficient.

In the last few weeks, I’ve dropped bowls (RIP pretty blue bowl), cracked coffee mugs, and swept up some of my favorite dishes, reduced to crumbs after being dropped or tipped over in living life. But when I start to get attached, I remember this:

One day a few years ago, I had the privilege of visiting one of the most creative houses I’ve ever been to. Every room was painted a different bright color, wallpaper was made from pages of magazines and books, and every piece of furniture had personality. When asked if we could eat in the living room, the owner simply stated, “We don’t really have rules around here. If we break something, we just turn it into something else.”

Now I know how many of us are cringing at this moment, thinking of that very pretty couch we don’t want spilled on or that antique serving dish we love so much. But just when I start to feel my heart ache over something lost, I remember her words and immediately try to picture the little pieces as something completely new. I’ve started a collection of reusable broken things to be used at my creative whim, and my pretty blue bowl above is now serving as a soap dish in our bathroom. Sure the edges are a little sharp, but we have plenty of fabric to stop any accidental bleeding. Totally worth it in my book.

What’s your favorite thing you’ve accidentally broken?


What the Snow Has Done for Me

Don’t mind the gigantic rip in our couch; let’s focus on our new rug. I wish I would have taken a before picture of this dandy, but when I get ideas in my head, seams start ripping before pictures get taken. This incredibly colorful and embroidered beauty used to be an elastic waist skirt. I paid $3 for it at the thrift store and debated briefly about making it into a curtain panel or some awesome pillows, but the new rug won out. I ended up stitching it onto a previously existing rug and we just love it!

Yesterday evening, in anticipation of the wine and cheese tasting party I’m hosting next week, I decided to do a faux set-up. I had so much fun at the class I took last week and I’m dying to share my newfound knowledge with friends. As long as nothing goes terribly wrong, I could see this becoming a trend. Especially since there are even more people I wanted to invite. Must get more chairs.

This verse has been posted on our chalkboard for about a month now, and I still find it hard to digest. It’s one of the most beautiful pictures of the gospel, one that reminds me that it’s not who I am, but who he is. And that he calls us by his name. It’s been a good reminder the last few days of our purpose here, even as I sit on the couch and twiddle my thumbs.

What has the snow done for you?


For Your Browsing Pleasure

I was going to write a post in honor of the State of the Union address and call it The State of Our Marriage. Then I realized:

1. Nobody cares
2. It’s lame
3. Most of the time it has to do with whether or not we have a blog post for the next day.

Instead, I decided to share some of my favorite websites I used during the planning of our surprise wedding. I browse these even now for creative ideas in the world of paper and parties and photography. So if you’re planning your own wedding, helping a friend plan hers, or just trying to get creative with friends for a night, check these out. You won’t be disappointed.

Green Wedding Shoes
Many fabulous DIY ideas and real life wedding stories. One of my biggest inspirations for our backyard barn wedding happened only 45 minutes from my hometown. Spend all day in the Real Weddings section and don’t feel guilty. Tell your boss I told you to.

Oh Happy Day Blog
Ah, the lovely Jordan Ferney. I’ve followed her blog for a few years now, and she’s never ceased to take my breath away with her creative ideas. From parties next to the Golden Gate Bridge to the most creative invitations around, she wallows daily in pure brilliance.

Design Sponge
This site is perfect for any sort of inspiration, plus they post about three times a day. Their city guides are also a perfect way to catch eclectic shops when you travel and their DIY posts make you want to stay home and change your entire decor. Even husbands like it.

Martha Stewart Weddings
Martha isn’t one for practical ideas, but her pictures are ab fab. Darcy Miller is pretty much a genius and I probably spent more time scouring the pages of MS Weddings than any other site. It’s especially awesome for choosing colors and seeing the big picture.

So let’s hear it- any other brilliant websites for DIY brides? Any websites that make you more creative than Martha herself?


Mug Shot and Jug Shot

Last night zoomed by. Vroomed by? Went quickly. Mostly because I was engrossed in a documentary and a small project. Or a large project, depending on how you look at it. I’m pretty sure it could either be a very large coaster or a pot holder for a really tiny pot.

It’s quite lopsided, but it makes my mug feel really cozy.

Also, thanks to Whole Foods and their ability to steal our hearts with organic apple cider, we’ve recently acquired these two large jugs. While they’re fun to look at, I’ve got to find some use for them or I’m going to throw them away. Err… recycle them. Right.

I was hoping to find some brilliant ideas in my Crafts for Poor People book, but alas- Amy Sedaris has yet to make a craft out of a jug. So to you, my dear readers, what would you do with these works of art? They need your creativity; their lives are on the line! Save the jugs.


Christmas Ornament Results

Thanks to all of you who voted on our christmas ornament contest.

Well thanks to 58 of you anyway.

I got torched to the tune of 83-58. Just lit up like a Christmas tree. I have just two things to say before handing over the faux 2010 christmas ornament trophy to my wife:

  1. Yes, my snowman was made of stickies but I did manage to cut and assemble those stickies in a coherent non-potato-man-like way. I had to amend the little guy’s scarf (too big) and make him footies for the (not very cold) Dallas winter. I’m not just peeling and sticking people, come on.
  2. I also pride myself on integrity which is why I think it’s despicable that we have people voting on multiple computers for Jen’s ornaments. I’m looking at you Miss Tera “I’m in grad school I can fraudulently operate multiple IP addresses in the Oklahoma State computer lab” Woods.

Hope you guys enjoy the 70s…


Christmas Ornament Contest

Yesterday we decided to skip church and make Christmas ornaments and eat ice cream. This makes us seem rather immature, but what makes it even more ridiculous is that, of course, we made it into a contest. Mostly Kyle turned it into a contest because he finds no joy in anything unless he’s competing for an award. Because we’re also stubborn, we couldn’t pick a winner between us, so we’ll let you do it.

Why Jen thinks she should win:

“I made the most mess which means I tried harder. Plus who doesn’t love a glitter disco ornament?”

Why Kyle thinks he should win:

“I think my attention to detail and creativity was paramount. Anyone can glue some sequins on a round ball with glue and make it glisten. But it takes talent to peel stickies and wield a sharpie like I did.”

Kyle’s ornaments are on the right and Jen’s are on the left – vote below. Thanks!