SportsMentor: Bowl Edition

SportsMentor6 from Marriage Project on Vimeo.

Jen reviews the OSU football season, talks about Cam Newton’s Heisman, and gives 10 of her bowl picks, including the following:

Alamo Bowl pick at 3:10
Rose Bowl pick at 5:13
Fiesta Bowl pick at 5:30
Orange Bowl pick at 6:05
Sugar Bowl pick at 6:52
Cotton Bowl pick (and funniest moment) at 7:32
Title game pick at 8:04

SportsMentor #3

SportsMentor3 from Marriage Project on Vimeo.

1:20 mark to see the call of the day and 7:10 to see Jen berate me for not picking an SEC school……

Enjoy…there are no words to describe the humor I glean from these videos…if you missed the first one, here it is, Jen gets a little feisty about the Tiger/Elin situation and the second, where Jen breaks down why sports are so dumb.

SportsMentor #2

SportsMentor2 from Marriage Project on Vimeo.

It’s a lengthy little flick but you won’t regret watching it. If you only have a few minutes fast-forward to the 4:22 mark where you get Jen’s first NFL/gambling moment ever. If you only have a few seconds fast-forward to the 7:47 mark where Jen just dresses down the entire world of sports because of one guy’s name.

Oh, and if you missed the first one, it was a classic.

*Correction – The Cowboys play the Bears this weekend, not the Bengals as I stated in the video. My bad.



This is an experiment. Well, this marriage, yes, is an experiment, but also this video is an experiment. We wanted to throw something random out there and see if you guys liked it. This is me teaching Jen about sports and getting her thoughts on LeBron, World Cup, and The British Open. To me it’s some of the funniest candor I’ve ever seen. To you…it might be stupid. If so then move along and go read this girl, she’s awesome. If you only have 30 seconds…Jen insinuates that Portugal is in South America at 2:15 and the real fireworks begin at 3:26.

Oh, and yes, the title is very much a play on words…

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