The Big Unveiling

It’s 1:23 AM.

I just put the finishing touches on my project. Just taped the last piece of wrapping paper and tied the last bow. It’s all ready to go.

Before we get to that though, let me take you back a few years to the beginning of my story.

Some of you reading this right now know me better than my family does, but most don’t. Most of you know me as the guy who love sports, watches Gilmore Girls, and tolerates Hobby Lobby. Actually, most of you probably know me as “that one guy who blogs with his wife every day about marriage and seems to be just a touch effeminate.” I blame the effeminate thing on the fact that we were homeschooled and I’ll claim everything else.

But that’s only part of the story.

I love Dallas. I should say, Jen and I have grown to love Dallas. Gun to my head, I have to pick a state and stay there the rest of my life, I’m going Texas. It’s not my oldest love though, just my biggest and truest. See me and Oklahoma, we go way back. We go back to when I was born and where I spent a lot of my childhood growing up — riding in the car on the turnpike between Tulsa and Stillwater.

As a kid my parents used to take me to almost every baseball game Oklahoma State played. We lived in Tulsa but we’d drive over and have picnics and the players would throw me their wristbands in between innings because I was cute and knew all their names. Or because we had front row seats. Whatever.

The point is that I grew up on OSU sports. I didn’t even really know any better.

We moved to Houston when I was nine, and I was devastated. I had to leave my Tulsa friends, move to a strange (big) new city, and I wouldn’t be able to go to any more games in person. I remember sobbing on my bed all night one night. My life was in ruins.

Somehow I survived and moved on to middle school and high school. I picked up interests along the way as most kids do, but my love for OSU never waned. When it came time to pick a college I was swayed by the fact that I could play baseball at Trinity University in San Antonio so I went there for my Freshman year. My love for baseball had toppled my love for the Cowboys.

That didn’t last long though. I was homesick from somewhere I’d never even lived. So the Summer before my Sophomore year I drove up to Stillwater, marched into the baseball coach’s office, and told him I’d be walking on his team in the Fall. He looked at me funny and gave me one of those “yeahhh, I’ll have my people call yours” looks but my mind was made up.

And I did it. I enrolled in school, walked on the team, and fulfilled a dream that had been birthed some 17 years earlier in our 1988 chevy on that turnpike from Tulsa to Stillwater.

The dream didn’t last long (one semester to be exact) and I moved on but just to know that I had been there, that I had accomplished something, was a defining moment in my life.

And now, six years later, I’m trying to accomplish something else. As you can probably deduce from this post my love for Oklahoma State, and sports in general, runs deep. I’ve been trying to reconcile the two with this other love I’ve come to know: writing.

That’s what I’ve been honing for the last sixty days. The reconciliation of three loves. It’s launching today and I know that most of you will probably click out of this window and move on with your days. But for those of you who check it out, know that I’ve given myself to my craft for two solid months.

The result? Right here.