Our Memorial Day Weekend

Two lessons from our holiday weekend:

1. You can make a game out of anything.

Sometimes I’m a total girl. There are times when I don’t feel like getting my hair wet or playing in the dirt, but then there are times when I’m just as competitive as my husband. These times usually come during ridiculous games that take no athletic ability and I think I actually have a chance to beat him. Example? Let’s stand on the side of the pool while someone throws us a ball and we try to catch it for points. Or let’s take a golf tee to the bottom of the pool and jump on it when it floats to the top. For points, of course. I still rarely win, but the trophy is tantalizingly close. And so we play.

2. Road trips, even short ones, provide the best conversation.

I know part of it is the fact that we don’t have as much technology at hand while driving, but it also helps that neither of us has the chance to wander off or be distracted by anything else. I’ve decided over the last year that if you’re feeling distant from your spouse, it’s probably time for a road trip. No radio, no phones, just you. And whatever conversation comes up.

What did you do for the holiday weekend?

Anniversary Plots

The idea of an anniversary makes me really nervous. Sort of like birthdays and Christmas, there’s so much expectation tied to it, which usually makes me clam up and fail. I’ve already got a project in the works for our anniversary, but here are some things I would love to do if I still needed ideas. Maybe I’ll use these for year two.

1. Take a trip.

Everyone knows how badly I want to purchase an Airstream, but did I tell you about the time I thought the husband bought us one as a surprise? Another story for a later time…

This is actually something we’re doing this year (thanks to the husband’s secret planning skills), but it’s only going to be a short weekend trip. The idea of flying anywhere for a short period overwhelms me, not to mention the price of flights is extraordinary right now. So we’re taking a short road trip to a secret destination, which will be more fun and less overwhelming than a big trip anywhere else.

2. Host a party.

via a cup of jo

This is something I really want to do, but I’m not sure where we’d fit all the people we’d want to invite to our tiny little apartment. Maybe if God blesses us with a house and a big back yard, we can try this on anniversary number 5. I love the idea of having some close friends over for dinner to celebrate another year of our love. Check out the links below for some free photo booth templates from the fabulous Jordan Ferney. She has the best party ideas.

via oh happy day

3. Make a photo montage.

With all the technology available these days, you can make any type of photo book or collage by just uploading some favorite photos to the website of your choice. Even if you’re not picture people, you can gather enough pictures over the last year to make something pretty memorable. Even if you have to include things like this:

What are some creative things you’ve done to commemorate an anniversary or special occasion?

Photo Attribution

Lessons in Travel

Four things I learned from traveling to the OC this weekend:

1. Always remove towel remnants and sand from your lens before shooting photos.

2. Not many people know the gospel. It’s really easy for us to forget that when we spend our weeks doing the same things over and over; work, home, church, play. We gather with the same people, who, for all intents and purposes, are exactly like us. But getting out sometimes makes you realize how close people are to finding Jesus. They’re reading books on Philosophy and worshipping the freedom they find in music and believing that there’s a higher power of some kind. They’re really just almost there.

3. Everyone I talked to who lives in the OC has lived there for their entire life. What’s interesting is that they’re praised for it because it’s a beautiful place to be, yet those who stay in their hometown in the plains are considered incompetent hicks. A strange imbalance, I dare say.

4. Husbands are pretty good at keeping things in order while you’re traveling, even if it’s cleaned up right at the last minute. Even after he forgot to crate the dog he was sitting and it chewed my art supplies into tiny pieces, the rest of the house looked great. There was no major harm done, plus I think I’m getting a leg up on the dog debate. Lost art supplies scores me at least ten votes toward the future of canines in this family.

Also, here’s a picture of one of the families I camera stalked at the beach. (Yes, there were several, and none of them were American.) This one was taken right after this elderly man was swept under by a wave. I’ve never seen anyone so excited to be in the ocean before.

What have you learned from your travels?

Farmers Market Trip

The last few days in Dallas have been particularly rainy and dreary. In order to combat this, we’ve been taking part in things that bring sunshine to the soul. Project one: Dallas Farmers Market. This is something I’ve been wanting to do since we moved to Dallas almost a year ago, but no worries; we went twice this weekend to make up for it.

Initially, I wasn’t sure about all the tropical fruits, knowing you can’t grow pineapples in Texas. But after some looking around, we found the local farmer section. The husband and I purchased some new potatoes and green beans, along with some non-local pears and tangelos. We had a great time just walking around and felt like we’d eaten a meal when we left thanks to all the generous vendors with samples aplenty.

Now we just can’t wait to cook and eat all our new finds. I’m already excited about their list of April and May classes. What did you do this weekend? Have you ever visited the farmers market in your area?

On Roadtrips

Some people, my husband included, hold to the idea that getting to any given destination is half the fun. I still hold to the idea that trips aren’t nearly as enjoyable when you arrive emotionally drained with stiff joints and nausea. This only causes him to add another tally to the list of reasons why I’m a senior citizen.

That said, road trips do make for a lot of great conversation, great snacks, and creative ways to pass the time. Husband usually prefers games like 20 Questions while I go more for the low key state tag games. Mostly because I can nap mid-game if I like.

Happy Monday readers! What are some of your favorite road trip games?

What Augusta is for Me

This is the closest we’ll ever get to posting a live blog feed. Becca and I just dropped the boys off at Gate 6, though they would rather have entered directly through Magnolia Lane at Gate 3. That, as much as we can beg for it, will never happen.

It’s now girl breakfast time with Panini pressed muffins and lattes on the patio in downtown Augusta. Motorcycles keep driving down the sidewalk and we’re making small talk with the locals. Something about a nephew and a job and living here since 1968. There are church bells in the background and antique shops calling our name.

This is Augusta for me.


The Thing About The Masters

As many of you know if you read my other blog or follow me on Twitter (!), Jen and I are in Augusta, Georgia today to attend the 75th Masters golf tournament.

I’ll save you the prose and not drone on about how the green at Augusta is somehow greener than it is anywhere else, and so on and so forth ( you can read about that here). I did, however, come up with my 8 favorite things about taking my wife to the Masters.

1. I was chided on Monday when I told her I wanted to follow Peter Uihlein, Rickie Fowler, and other OSU golfers around on Friday (our first day). I believe her exact words were, “I want to follow K.J. Choi, do you even love me?” The look on my face was similar to what I imagine it would have been had she told me she was pregnant.

2. For those of you now wondering, K.J. Choi is a semi-successful journeyman PGA professional to whom Jen had no viable ties before last year. She quickly jumped on the bandwagon (because he was playing Tiger and she “always roots for the underdog”) and apparently hasn’t jumped off.

3. Walking in the merchandise tent and hearing her say, “no woman under 60 should ever have to wear a polo.”

4. Playing the “how many golfers can you name” game on the drive to Georgia. Last year it was seven, I expect double digits this year.

5. That she’s as infatuated with the south (and specifically the old south) as I am.

6. Leaving her and Becca in our hotel while Chad and I (Chad and Becca are the couple we’re attending with this year) leave at 5:30 AM to set our seats up for Sunday.

7. Stuffing our faces with $1.25 pimiento cheese sandwiches and $1.00 chocolate chip cookies all day.

8. That Augusta National is the most perfect place on earth.

So look for us on Sunday (or Saturday or Friday). We’ll be sitting on #16 to the left-hand side. I’ll have on a yellow hat and be cheering irrationally when anyone who attended Oklahoma State passes through our hole. Jen will have the binocs out trying to spot K.J. on another hole, or so she’ll say. I know in reality she’s really going to be eying Australia’s most eligible golfing bachelor, Adam Scott

A Day of Fleas

Ah, First Mondays, how we love thee. Thank you for sharing so many treasures with us, tempting us to fill our little apartment with all kinds of worthless junk. And for affording us the opportunity to come home with really cool treasures that aren’t worthless at all. Depending on your perspective.

Last Friday was our getaway day, which is really only a day that we’re both off work and one of us wants to go somewhere more adventurous than Whole Foods or Joann Fabrics. Last Friday was one of those days. We chose Canton First Mondays, a giant, once-a-month flea market about an hour and a half east of Dallas. And here are some things we found.

1. Jalapeno Cheese Bread made by our friends, the Amish.

They might not know they’re our friends, but I feel such a strong connection with them that I sometimes wonder if I was supposed to be born Amish. It could be all the documentaries I’ve watched, though I’m thinking it’s something more innate. We passed on buying their handmade butter and cheese (still regretting that decision), and are now on the hunt for a jalapeno cheese bread recipe.

2. Globo Globe

The little beauty now sits atop our newly painted computer armoire. Globes have been on my radar for quite some time, though I had yet to come across one I really loved. This was it. It is no good for reference- it still has things like East Germany and West Germany, along with the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, but to us it is perfect. Reality has no place in our world. Or our globe.

3. Vintage Ironing Board


I waited 9 months after marriage to purchase an ironing board. Yes, it’s sad and yes, I found this one in month ten. You can click here to see the best ironing board we found. Also if anyone is looking for an ironing board from Target, we now have one for sale or lease.

4. Sewing books

I didn’t actually purchase these since I have a cabinet full at home, but aren’t they perfect? I imagined myself as a housewife in the 50’s as I flipped through to learn how to darn my husband’s socks and make cloth napkins. And then I realized I’m really not that different except that I lack the clothing and hair. Me and little Betty Draper- one and the same.

Altogether it was a day of treasure hunting and good conversation and sunburns. Kyle got voted “Husband of the Year” by a lady who, sadly, had to carry her own finds. As she saw us walking toward our car, she yelled, “Now that’s a great husband!” I have to fight the old women off with a stick.

Thank you, Canton, for another successful trip. Long live great finds and long live the Amish.


A Weekend Away

Eeeek. It’s 9:21am and I’m just now sitting down to write the post. We got so excited about our mini-vacation to Houston that we somehow forgot the one thing we’ve done consistently now for over 200 days. Our apologies, though the guys are probably caught up in thinking about watching the tournament games at work, so mostly our apologies to the ladies. Both for the lack of a post and the lack of a husband for the next three weeks. You are not alone.

I’m writing from the office of my in-laws, looking out their window onto the quiet goings on of a beautiful old neighborhood with the tallest, skinniest trees you’ve ever seen. They have a large yard and an office (can we please acknowledge that again??) and I can hardly help but compare it to our tiny, dark armoire stuck in the corner of our living room. For the next few days, we write in freedom and space and lots of light.

There are a few things I always look forward to about a weekend away- time together, relaxation, a break from normal schedules, and exploring new things. Somehow, I think maybe this weekend will be different, though I’m trying not to resent the NCAA for existing or doing what it thinks are fun things. I’m just trying to figure out at what point no one will notice I’m gone and I can sew or walk or shop in freedom. And if I catch a game or two, it might not be the end of the world. I’m just not looking to make a Jen shaped indent in the couch.

Here’s to sports in moderation and weekends away from the normal.