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This site is homebase for our digital marriage project. It’s where all our ideas (good and bad) happen and it’s where you can see (in pictures and sometimes words) exactly how we’re growing and what’s going on. For better or worse, right?

But that doesn’t mean you need to come to our site every day, though our faux advertisers thank you for doing so. You can get our and throw us in with all the other great blogs and websites you read or you can get our posts in your every day!

On occasion we’ve been known to spew random (sometimes incoherent) 140-character messages into the digital universe. Click on if you want to read them.

Also, we’ve made a few (what other people have called) funny videos too. Check them out over at .

Lastly, we hang out over at our page every once in a while along with all those cute avatars you see listed on the sidebar. We like hanging out with them in real life sometimes too. Thanks so much for reading, it means more than you know.

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