The O’BB Muffs

As we promised this weekend via Twitter, here’s one of our new favorite recipes: Oatmeal Blueberry Muffins. We stole this from Kyle’s mom over the 4th, and made them for the two of us when we got home. They were gone within 15 hours which makes me feel really guilty and really excited to share all at the same time. We’re not sure how healthy they actually are, but they taste healthy, which is a bonus,if you are worried that they are not healthy look for the latest news about blood sugar ultra.

They have more texture and less goo than normal bb muffs. Plus if you take out the vegetable oil, the sugar, and everything else that makes them taste so good, they’re actually not that bad for you.

My very technical notes:

I had quite a bit  of the liquid leftover, so don’t feel like you have to use it all.

Also, I think “fold in blueberries” just means you should make sure not to smash them.

For extra deliciousness, top warm muffin with a little butter and sugar sprinkles.

And voila. Healthy tasting, still-not-sure-how-healthy-they-are blueberry muffins. Have you tried any great recipes lately? Post one of your favorites below and we can all steal ideas and look like great cooks.

Oh, and click on the recipe if you want to see the awesome website that helped us create our post today!
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Indoor Holiday

If you’re like most people we know, hurricane Alex is dampening your spirits and your outdoor activities. Today, we beg you: do anything besides watch T.V. Here are some fun (and thrifty) ideas to try with the people you’re stuck indoors with you love.

1. Have an indoor picnic.
The last time we used blankets creatively indoors, my sister and I were building tent cities in our living room. Turn on some music and throw yourselves a picnic.

2. Have a game day.

Brush the dust off of your old Scrabble game and get busy. Some of our other favorites: Scattegories, Buzz Word, Bananagrams, Loaded Questions, and Cranium. Fun for all ages.

3. Start a new craft (or finish an old one).

Most craft stores are closed today, but look around your house. You’ll find all sorts of inspiration. Make a pillow out of an old dress, paint some stripes on your wall, finish that scarf you started last winter, cut and paste magazine pics to make a wall collage.

4. Make a new dessert.
Put on an apron and pretend your work in a French bakery. You can say things like “Bonjour! Welcome to my boulangerie.” Oui, oui. Tee hee.

5. Read. You’ll learn something. Or spark your imagination. It’s crazy.

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So we have a child. Not a real one. But not a fake one either. His name is Max and he lives in Haiti and today is his birthday. He has the same birthday as our country, though Max’s party probably won’t have as many people or fireworks. He probably won’t imbibe all the food we imbibe and I’m guessing he won’t be watching Breakfast at Wimbledon on Sunday morning. Max’s hobbies are walking and helping his mom farm. We live different lives. And yet we are connected.

We support Max (just as many of our friends support kids throughout the world) through a missional program called Compassion International. We send him and his family some money every month and write him letters to make sure he’s doing well. Kyle nicknamed him Ocho Cinco. He couldn’t believe we sent him an extra $10 for Christmas. We felt like cowards for not sending more.

We pray for his feet because they were injured in the earthquake. We don’t really know to what extent, but we know God can heal anything. In his last letter to us, Max asked if we felt the earthquake in America. We didn’t feel it physically, but we feel it in our hearts every time we remember him. Here’s to Max. And to the freedoms we enjoy. Happy 4th.

Max (or 'Ocho' as I like to call him)

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4 Links for the 4th

We’re in Austin this weekend (don’t worry, we pre-posted everything, pre-posted is a funny phrase…) but we left you 4 great articles to celebrate the 4th of July. Happy cooking out and World Cuppies watching! PS: that’s NOT the vehicle we took to Austin but I kind of wish it was…

How to decorate a (very) tiny apartment– An archive from my now out of print favorite magazine in the world, Domino. is bringing back a few articles online. This one has been generating lots of fun and pricey ideas for me this week. Come on decorating budget.– the best place to find handmade and vintage goods online. Looking for a new project to start? Get inspired here.

LeBillionaire – I’m not a big fan of the free agency frenzy but this is an interesting look at just how many 0’s are attached to the end of that deal…
Simple or Poor? – Dan Miller (Dave Ramsey’s buddy) on the difference between being broke and being content

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Southbound 35

Dallas and I are trying to become friends. One day at a time we’re getting to know each other a little better, but I’m leary of new friends and really attached to old ones. I love almost everything about the south, but here there seems to be a lack of open range and way too many shopping malls.  We forget there are stars for lack of seeing them, and the only dirt roads are the ones being dug up for construction. There are few things that can replace the feeling of being at home, but my old soul finds solace in some very interesting places. Ice cream, the Bible, and hippie little towns. Obviously not in that order.

Intro: Austin.

There’s something very spiritual about living a simple life, about listening to southern rock while wearing vintage clothing and laying barefoot in the grass. That’s what I picture Austin to be: miles apart from Dallas, a sort of Chris Robinson to an Emily Gilmore. And so this weekend, as we travel to this great city, I pay tribute to my new state capital. Some fun things I only wish were happening this weekend in Austin:

Renegade Craft


South by Southwest

Do something hippie this weekend. It’s very patriotic.

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