Creating is Beautiful Too…

Just look at that graphic again. Study it. Let it sink in. Let it affect you.

We both got rid of TV some year and a half ago. As in, we don’t have a television in our household. This doesn’t mean we don’t watch shows (Friday Night Lights…hello?) but it does mean we’re more purposeful with the things we do watch. No mindless SportsCenter, no HGTV on in the background, we try (and fail at times) to pick documentaries and interesting movies, forums for learning. Plus it’s cheap. Plus we took the extra time and started this blog. But this isn’t a post about why not to have TV (that’ll come later) this is a post about relativity.

Look at that graphic again….

…and click on the photo attribution, if you want to be occupied for hours by an awesome website.

Photo Attribution: Information is Beautiful