Remember this post from a few weeks ago? Well I didn’t, but Kyle did.

The great thing about blogging every single day- rain, shine, or sleepiness- is that you can make a pretty legit looking blog. Forget what it says, I’m just impressed that it doesn’t look like one of the bazillion that has been abandoned somewhere in the world wide web. I currently have two. The difficult thing is remembering the things you do write about and actually putting them into action. It’s like going to church on Sunday. I can usually do a pretty good job of implementing the week’s sermon until about 7pm on Sunday night. And Monday will see my heart turn on a dime.

A friend from college recently messaged me and said the following words: “I have been reading your blog, and have decided that your husband is probably fake. Men like that don’t exist. So I’m requesting that you put some stuff on there to show the real side of him–what he smells like in the morning, etc. Thanks.” So here goes.

He doesn’t smell good in the morning.

He never shuts his closet door, and his shoes are everywhere. It’s like he wears three pairs at once and hides them strategically for me to find. And put back in the closet. And close the door.

He spills coffee on the counter every morning and doesn’t wipe it up.

He’s really attached to his couch, which sags in the middle and smells like college boys. I try to decorate it with lots of pillows but they just get thrown on the floor.

He gets out of the shower before drying off, so there’s always water on the floor, and he sets his alarm for 4:45am, but snoozes until 5:30, which means lots of awake time for me.

He’s not perfect, but neither am I. We both struggle. But we’re both realizing that life isn’t worth much when it’s lived hiding behind good intentions. Kyle wrote me a letter as a congrats for making it two whole months being married to him (and actually mentioned his own smelliness in the letter. See- not fake at all). And in leading by action, it holds me accountable to everything I’ve had intentions of doing.

How will you follow through on one thing today?

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Only 719 to go…

Yesterday was our 1 month anniversary, or onemoversary as we called it. We celebrated by doing nothing. Get back to us when it’s been a year…or ten.

Nevertheless, we have learned quite a bit. I would say I’ve learned more than Jen has because it’s much easier to live with guys than it is with a girl she’s so wise and wonderful and has so much to teach me. In all seriousness though (kind of) here are a few of the things we’ve learned in 4 weeks of wedded bliss…

  • World Cup + 4 AM = bad idea
  • Wives are not to be thought of, talked to, or treated like cooks, dishwashers, or maids. (You’re shaking your head back and forth saying ‘it’s so intuitive Kyle…it’s so intuitive’…well my question is “Where was your advice BEFORE our marriage started?!”)
  • Two people getting ready for church at the same time on a Sunday morning in a 32 sq. ft. bathroom is like casting Jessica Simpson as the lead in a movie. It sounds cute and fun in theory but it always ends badly…
  • We’d give up 1 hour of sleep every night, fast twice a week, and possibly go without air conditioning at night in exchange for a washer/dryer in our apartment…
  • Our definitions of “yeah, let’s go pick up a few things at Hobby Lobby” are very different from a financial perspective…like worlds apart different.
  • Apparently plastic Masters cups don’t carry the same aesthetic weight in my wife’s head as they do mine…many a war will be waged on this front in the next 11 months…
  • One Shining Moment is “not an appropriate song” to have my alarm play in the morning. I don’t really understand this rule and, frankly, my respect for it is waning by the day…
  • This blog and the people reading it have been one of biggest blessings (if not the biggest) we could have hoped or dreamed for. Thank you to everyone who has participated and helped create community on here, if it weren’t for you we’d only be typing words into oblivion. We’d still do it, we just wouldn’t enjoy it as much.

I told Jen in a letter I wrote to her on our wedding day that I was going to give her 60 great years, Lord willing. That means I’ve got 719 months left. That means we’re going to have to solve this Masters cups/One Shining Moment thing…

See y’all tomorrow.

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