Jen used to have a blog called “Unconventional Everything.” It was a quaint little blog, it was fun, a few people read it (I suppose it’s still out there in the blogging stratosphere somewhere), but she abandoned it to write over here at Marriage Project. Not only have I turned her physical world upside down, but also uprooted her digital existence! #FAIL by me.

Her blog though really was great. It was all about the space outside that box we always hear about. Though I must say, to her, things are rarely thought of as “outside the box” because “the box” doesn’t exist in her world.

Which leads us to Chris Guillebeau.

He of the world-famous (literally) blog (that I just discovered) called “The Art of Non-Conformity.”

Seth Godin (who else?) led me to him with a post of his own and I dove in head-first, like a fourth-grader diving for candy at the deep end of the community pool. What? Public schoolers didn’t do that?

So I bought his book.

You need to buy it too. I’m pleading with you. If you buy one business/entrepreneurship/change the world book in 2010, make it this one.

The concepts he writes about are not far-fetched nor are they complex. Rather his writings organize and tie together a lot of the thoughts, ideas, and dreams I would suppose most of us have had at one time or another. And they apply to every facet of business, art, and relationship you can imagine.

I love books and I usually find that I can at least glean a few things from each one I read. There are very few books, though, that resonate with the kind of permeable optimism and passionate proficiency this travel hack turned writer portrays.

The majority of people you know (probably 99%) will never read this book. Don’t be one of them. The life you want to live, one of serving others and supporting your family while participating in an activity you love every single day might not be as far off as you think….

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