Jen’s Vacation Top Five

Last week we were walking in yellow snow (the good kind- see below) and drinking hot beverages in the mountains. This week I have to blog my little bobo off because husband carried Marriage Project all the way up the mountain and back down again. All so I could have a vacation. My literary hero.

Today, because you couldn’t come with us, I give you my 2010 Vacation Top Five.

1. Walking out the back door onto the deck that overlooks the mountains.
Enough said.

2. A re-awakening of my caffeine addiction.
Coffee and I used to be besties. Then someone convinced me that decaf was better for you, so I made the switch. Last week I drank at least three cups of regular coffee every day, mostly because my mom is an addict and no one questions her. Probably because we’re all too busy with the giggles and high fives that caffeine produces. Me and coffee? We’re back.

3. The miniature vehicle trip I took up mountainous cliffs with my sister.
She drives like a madman which makes me feel like I’m going to die, then feel like I’ll die from laughter.

4. Bishop’s Castle
Deep in the woods of Colorado, a crazy old man is building a castle. He’s been building it since 1969 and he lets you come see it for free. He yells things at you like, “Wake up people!!!! 9-11 was an inside job!!!” or “You’re all sheep being led by the government into the evils of democracy! Baaa… baaaa.” Everyone makes fun of him, but I sort of feel a sad connection with him, like maybe we should be friends. Maybe that’s why Kyle debated so heavily the ring thing. Whatever.

5. Yellow Snow
The trees in Oklahoma turn reds and oranges, but the aspens in Colorado all turn a bright sunny yellow. And if you walk through them while the breeze is blowing, it’s like you’re standing in a yellow snowfall. Like you’re in a magic spell. Or on Mars.

Your favorite vacation memories? Bring ’em on.


The Toys That Bind

All mortals tend to turn into the thing they are pretending to be.

– CS Lewis

I tweeted last night that I threw down four boxes for us to fill with either give-away items or garage-sale paraphernalia and that things were ‘about to get real.’ The effect of such an action was fairly inconsequential since Jen was humming Amos Lee songs and dusting off cake pans we used at our wedding while absolutely ignoring my every word, but hey I threw down those boxes with some passion!

We aren’t what people would call pack-rats, nobody from TLC is banging down our door to tape an episode of “Hoarders”, and even if we were there’s only so much you can fit into 600 square feet (I feel like us saying “our apt. is 600 sq. ft.” is the Geico caveman commercial of this blog, cute the first time it ran, agonizing every time since…I digress…and I’ll try to stop mentioning how big our apt. is). Also, we committed to not buying any new clothes for a year which I think is an easy enough vow to keep for two people who already have more than enough clothing. And I would say we’ve gotten rid of more than we’ve acquired since knotting the knot in early June.

We still struggle though.

“An iPad would be functional, wouldn’t it?”
“I think I want a new bicycle to ride around Dallas in!”
“There’s this great tennis racket I need to get!”
“We need some fun luggage, don’t we? You know, just in case!”
“I’m buying a $6,000 letter press, I don’t care what you say!”

OK, I made the last one up, but I’m sure we’ve had a conversation about the first four. I know we have.

On our Colorado trip I did some pretty intense reading on minimalism. Minimalism includes topics like “how to only own 100 items” and “how to fit your entire life into one backpack”, crazy stuff like that. Anyway, I’ve fallen for it like my wife fell for nunnery (or is it nun-hood?) and I’ve been trying to give away everything we own since we got back to Dallas. Thankfully Jen is rational (relative to me) and we still have items to sit/sleep on and food to eat, but I’m serious, things are getting REAL around here!

I’ll go more in depth on Thursday (we’re about to start long-post Thursdays…just warning the ADHD of you in advance) but for now the war is being waged. What do we really need? How do we control our stuff instead of the other way around? How do we not let the accumulation of household items get to the point that we need to buy more stuff just to store all the stuff we already own?

How can we not live this American dream we keep hearing about?

Answers coming Thursday. Or just more questions. I’m not sure yet.

P.S. – Note to self: stop quoting self in blog posts…

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Signing Off For 10 Days

We’re out of here for nearly a fortnight. Today, we’re headed up to Stillwater for a Thursday night affair with Texas A&M and then tomorrow it’s on to Colorado for some fly fishing, book reading, and general relaxing (Jen’s exhausted from 4 days at her new job).

Don’t worry though, the posts will go on! 365 days is 365 days. Or it’s 525,600 minutes, but you get the point. We interviewed each other, taped another SportsMentor (to go along with #1, #2, and #3), left some links, and there’ll even be a surprise guest post mixed in at some point. Stay tuned. Until then, though, this is what’s exciting us about our first vacation as a married couple (and with the in-laws :)):

Fly-fishing with the father-in-law. If this ends badly a simple RIP on my Facebook wall will suffice.
Reading this, this, this, and this (even though we’ll probably only get 10 pages in on the last one before keeling over for lack of theological insight).
Helping sister-in-law set up her Scentsy booth at a fun festival in La Veta.
Running for fun in the mountains rather than out of necessity for my workout.
Working on some super-secret new content for this blog. Pins and needles baby.

Peace out until next Sunday, enjoy the posts every day…and feel free to talk amongst yourselves via the comments section while we’re gone.

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