Polly Want a Haircut?

The reason I first cut Kyle’s hair was due to a cosmetology mishap: about 2 years ago he left his barber looking like a cockatoo. See above for visual. My job was to fix it, and so we came to the only conclusion either of us could think of: buzz it off and start over. Then I found out how much he was paying and we decided to try it for real.

Disclaimer: this activity is not for weak relationships or the faint of heart. We’ve had several domestic disputes over the cutting of hair, and though our relationship has survived, there have been words exchanged, blood spilled, and many imminent breakups on the horizon. (The first time we tried it, Kyle stormed out halfway through sporting a droopy version of a ’90’s bowl cut. He was serious about going to work the next day until I convinced him he looked like a homeless Zack Morris).

Yet we come out on the other side basking in this glory: By not spending those $16 every 2 weeks, we will save $16,640 over the next 40 years. Not to mention what we’ll save with kids. Check it out:

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PS: This is Kyle and I have never in my life looked like that bird. I promise.