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Really selfless, great blog by a Texas couple dodging earthquakes and cholera to teach kids English in Haiti.

Really insightful post by Ben Arment about being good at what you complain about. Brilliant.

Fascinating interview with the founder of Etsy (he’s 28!) about how the crafting website my that makes my wife weep got started.

Photo Attribution: Haiti | Head | Etsy


One Million Pillowcases

So we’ve all heard of Etsy. But you may not have heard about this: The One Million Pillowcase Challenge.

Want to be crafty and make new friends in the name of charity? Here’s the goal: Sew and donate one million pillowcases to local charities while having fun and meeting new people. I’m meeting up with a group in Dallas tonight and there are groups already meeting all over the world. Check out the current list of groups at, or start your own. Etsy has tons of ideas for throwing parties and lots of free patterns. So gather up those old fabric scraps and make them into something wonderful!

Don’t know how to sew? Invite someone who does and you can cut the patterns. You can even make some yourself and give them to the group to donate with all the others.┬áBut come on, who doesn’t want to make new craft friends?

I’m in love with the idea of craft parties and I’m pretty sure I’ll want to throw my own after tonight. Stay tuned and happy sewing!


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