Freebie Friday

I would post the collection of emails and texts I’ve churned out over the last 6 weeks on Friday Night Ligths but it probably amasses like 29,000 words so I’ll spare you the time. We don’t even really like TV but we haven’t been able to stop Netflixing FNL. Character flaw. We were turned on (pun intended) by various friends and family and have since gotten other would-be-non-procrastinators unfortunately hooked.

I wonder if any blogger has ever railed on TV like we did on Sunday and given away an entire season’s worth of disks 5 days later? That’s right, we’re giving away Season 1 of Friday Night Lights. “What must I do” you ask? We’ll get to that.

First, just for fun let’s look at my all-time top 5 TV shows list as it stands right now (in reverse order):

Honorable mention: Alias, SportsCenter (it really used to be clever and good…now it’s insufferable), One Tree Hill, Friends, Modern Family, The West Wing (haven’t seen it enough for it to be higher)

5. The O.C. – Should be more renowned but they started doing some weird stuff after season 2, still, arguably one of the greatest season 1’s ever.
4. Arrested Development – Again, should be higher but I haven’t seen enough episodes to warrant it.
3. Friday Night Lights – When you can inspire someone who has the least affinity for television/shows he’s ever had in his entire life to make a top 5 TV shows list, that has to┬ácount for something, no? Why am I talking in the third person?
2. Gilmore Girls – It’s longevity as a relevant, witty comedic act is unparalleled. Yeah, I went there.
1. Sports Night – I’ve never been as obsessed with a show as I was with this one, I don’t know if it can ever be surpassed.

I say that to say all you have to do to win is give me your top 5 TV shows of all-time in the comments section. After that, may the blogging gods be with you as we’ll choose randomly from those who comment.

We’ll announce the lucky champ tomorrow and get that baby shipped out ASAP.

Good luck!

Freebie Labels

I’ve really become obsessed with labels. Especially since I’ve been thinking about organizing our tiny food cabinet and creating a make-shift spice rack. While I love labels, I don’t love the thought of paying for them. I’ve done some research and bring you these fabulous free graphics (also attached to some fabulous blogs) in time to start a new weekend project. Your husband can thank me later. Start printing and start labeling. Jars, books, children. So many options.






6. And for fun, some printable notecards for all of your pen pals: