Thankful (or trying to be…)

Some weeks I don’t feel as thankful as I should. This week is one of them. To combat the cranky, mean, stinky, bad attitude, here’s a list of what I’m really thankful for lately:

That we’re both gainfully employed. I’ve never quite understood the term “gainfully,” but I think our jobs are that. Even when we complain that we’d like more vacation time or that we’d rather be doing something else. The alternative to employment is much less exciting.

Non-stick cookware. Even though we still create mondo-messes in the kitchen, cleaning up represents the fact that we have food to eat and that it could take much longer to clean up. Shout out to grandma for the non-stick goodies.

The dogs that live above us. This one is a stretch since I really find no enjoyment in the animal kingdom whatsoever. But the scratchy paws on the wood floors and the yips and yelps mean we have neighbors when we could be living all alone. Yelps trump loneliness. Must… remember…

A $2,300 bill. This large payment was a smaller portion of a much larger sum created by yours truly while at university. While making the final payment hurt a little, it felt good to know we had rid ourselves of a $16,000 debt and now we’re free. Thanks, Dave.

Family. Sometimes family can feel like a repetitive poke in your eyeball. We can only say this because Kyle and I are often the pokiest. But when it comes down to it, we have two of the coolest families around. Holidays, here we come.

Not having a kitchen table. I know we’ve discussed this before, but sometimes it seems like our house can only be clean for ten minute increments, then it’s back to the chaos. But in all reality, creativity is what keeps us alive, inside and out. And God. But you already knew that.

What are you loving about today?

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Three Quarter Year Crisis

Today, girls are wearing boots and scarves.
Lawns are being cut for the last time.
Acorns are leaping from the trees and little kids are walking home from school with their parents. In jeans.

Trees are whispering to each other, “Is it time?” “Yes, it’s time…”
Handmade quilts are being added to beds so the windows can be left open all night.
Fresh fruits are starting to hibernate while soups, rested and ready, make their comeback in large proportions.
Cardigans and fleece blankets and warm colors sneak back into our lives while the air just smells of holidays.
Days are getting shorter and indoor project lists longer, though our evening walks last twice as long as usual.
Jackets add fun and whimsy back into our wardrobes, which are begging for variation.
The world craves more weather like this, and I crave apple pie.
There’s a desperate plea from the single masses for someone to love for the holidays.
Soon the world will smell of rich sweets and hearty meals and dusty heaters and cinnamon sticks.
And that’s a lovely thing.
For this, my friends, is fall.

And with fall upon us, we prepare for our first winter of marriage together. This year, nobody has to leave late at night in the cold.

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