While You Were Out

Dear Kyle,

I’m glad you had fun in Austin. I also had fun while you were gone. Here are a few things I did.

I made mashed potatoes for a fun party.

I know you don’t like to go places when we take food because you’re afraid people will find out what we brought and won’t want to be our friends. This time I got raving reviews, but the aftermath still remains. I’m not proud of the mess, but I’m not hungry either.

I watched the Oklahoma State football game. At least until I knew we would win for sure. This picture is actually of another game because I forgot to document ours. So I technically watched two different games. Like a real football fan or something.

I started sewing a new pattern, but I ran out of fabric six inches too early.

This caused me to lay my head on the floor gently while I reevaluated the project, and briefly, life. This led to ice cream and a night drive which I love and you don’t.

I tried on a lot of outfits that I didn’t hang back in the closet and I didn’t make the bed all weekend.

I also danced a lot to eighties music I thought I hated and teased my hair. More than normal.

Love you. But you already knew that. Come home.



Southbound 35

Dallas and I are trying to become friends. One day at a time we’re getting to know each other a little better, but I’m leary of new friends and really attached to old ones. I love almost everything about the south, but here there seems to be a lack of open range and way too many shopping malls.  We forget there are stars for lack of seeing them, and the only dirt roads are the ones being dug up for construction. There are few things that can replace the feeling of being at home, but my old soul finds solace in some very interesting places. Ice cream, the Bible, and hippie little towns. Obviously not in that order.

Intro: Austin.

There’s something very spiritual about living a simple life, about listening to southern rock while wearing vintage clothing and laying barefoot in the grass. That’s what I picture Austin to be: miles apart from Dallas, a sort of Chris Robinson to an Emily Gilmore. And so this weekend, as we travel to this great city, I pay tribute to my new state capital. Some fun things I only wish were happening this weekend in Austin:

Renegade Craft


South by Southwest

Do something hippie this weekend. It’s very patriotic.

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