Saturday Linkage

Today we have friends staying with us. They’re sleeping in our spare bedroom (the living room) on a fancy air-o-dynamic bed (an air mattress). We’re making sour cream pancakes and coffee, and having the kind of conversation that only early mornings can bring. Enjoy the links below and happy weekend.

New music we love: Quelqu’un M’a Dit. The album is in French so we have no idea what she’s saying, but we think it’s better that way.

The pentagon lost track of billions of dollars that were supposed to be used for reconstruction in Iraq. How, you ask? Check it out. We don’t even think they know.

We don’t have an iPad, or TV for that matter but, wow, it seems preposterous that this isn’t fake.

And of course we saved the best for last.

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Engagement Week (Part 7)

The answer to yesterday’s clue is Coldplay’s album X&Y (it’s algebraic, get it?).

The thirteenth song has a line at the 26 second mark that says “let me in” which is what I used to say when I would climb the trees in her yard, get on her roof, and knock on her window (sounds shady I know…and not just because of the trees…)

Anyway I’m putting tomorrow’s treasure (see below) just outside the window I used to rap on for her to let me in. The “treasure” is…ahem…some gift cards to a popular women’s undergarments establishment that rhymes with Mick Poria Leak Met and the 2nd to last X reads as follows:

Here’s the key to my apt.
And also to my heart
After 7 tomorrow
Is when you can start
Go and enjoy yourself some music
And watch the Xideo
Drink all this wonder up
Sip it rXally slow
Oh I almost forgot
There is no turning back
The X is on the software
That’s iXstalled on our Mac

And that completes the Xs:

Aspen on Saturday at Seven (which is where this whole enchilada is ending…hopefully she’ll figure that out before then)…also I started showering the pavilion where I’m proposing with Christmas lights tonight, it’s going to look awesome!

I made a video of me citing the last clue which I will post the transcript of manana.

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Engagement Week (Part 6)

Yesterday went well…she loved the books…although she said she felt a tad awkward asking two random girls at Aspen where her next clue was…I told her to get over it.

Clue #6 (by far the most difficult) was in one of those books (see pics)

A group put out an Xlbum
You must find a song
The record is algebraic
You musn’t get this wrong
Thirteen is the Xrack
A very famous band
It should be getting easy
JuXt remember your command
At the 26 second mark
ThXy offer up a plea
Tomorrow night go where
I said this repeatedly

So far the Xs = Aspen on Saturday at Se (I think you can see where we’re going…)

In case you missed them: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5